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TitleUpdated default template editor unusable under IE6/Windows
Date15-Dec-2005 13:06:15 EET
osWindows 2000
browser_versionIE6 SP1
Bug statusNewBug
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The new default template does weird things with the editor, making it almost unusable. Initially, the size of the text area is ok, and changing the window size is reflected in the textarea size. However, when starting to type, the textarea size becomes significantly wider than the window, part of the text being hidden. Strangely, this is not reflected in the scrollbar, i.e. the scrollbar is in its rightmost position, but the editor textarea still can not be seen.

Makes it extremely hard to edit!


This is an IE bug when a textarea is located within a div container. Give the div container a width of 100% and it works.

Lutz Tietze

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