|Title|Version Author changes
|Date|17-Oct-2005 12:35:45 EEST
|[Bug criticality]|LightBug
|Browser version|Mozilla 1.7.12
|[Bug status]|ClosedBug
|[PageProvider] used|RCSFileProvider
|Servlet Container|4.1.24
|Operating System|Linux
|Java version|1.4.2_07-b05, Standard Edition (build 1.4.2_07-b05)

If a JSPWiki page is saved without changes, the RCS subsystem will not create a new version of the file. This is nice and whanted. The author of the last change remains the author of the last version out of the RCS subsystem.

But on the other hand the author of the page changes, referring to the [Recent Changes|http://community.mywms.de/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=RecentChanges] page or the comment at the end of the (''not'') changed page.

Could it be, that the JSPWiki simply takes the ''save'' button into account, when changing the author in its internal caching machanisms, but does not refer to the RCS subsystem?


This should be gone in 2.4, since we don't save if there is no change.

-- JanneJalkanen