TitleViewing Old Versions Of Attachments Is Broken
Date24-Feb-2005 14:53:03 EET
Bug criticalityBadBug
Browser version
Bug statusFixedBug
PageProvider used
Servlet Container
Operating System
Java version

Go to a any page with an attachment, click on the paperclip to see the attachment history, click on a version number, you get a error page:

The generated url looks like:


The log indicates that short url changes are compelte in 2.1.151 and this wiki indicates its running 2.1.150, is this bug addressed in 2.1.151?

HTTP Status 404 - Attachment 'Picmail.png', version 2 does not exist.

type Status report

message Attachment 'Picmail.png', version 2 does not exist.

description The requested resource (Attachment 'Picmail.png', version 2 does not exist.) is not available.

Fixed in 2.1.151 already ;-)

-- JanneJalkanen

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