TitleWeblog Plugin shows entries according to date in filesystem
Date29-May-2006 02:25:15 EEST
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Hello together,
I am using JSPWiki for my own website, and I use the Weblog plugin
as well. What I realised over time is, that the entries are sorted
according to the date of the files, not the date included in the
filename. This creates a problem, once you copy the blog entries
let's say from one server to another one. I use subversion to keep
all my files in a repository, and just check them out into the
servlet container (Tomcat). If I have to relocate the files to a
different folder or a different server, the blog entries all loose
the origin creation date, and show the date when they have been
copied or checked out new.
I'll have a look at the code and check, if I can change it on my own. I'll keep you posted about the outcome...




This is a design feature of the WebLogPlugin. It relies on the file dates being correct. The dates from the pages are used simply because they're way faster than parsing the headers. In the old days, we did parse the headers, but we had to move to this way because the server strain was simply too high and the weblog became too slow...

-- JanneJalkanen

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