TitleWiki Translate Tag Should Trim Leading Spaces Of First Sentence
Date23-Mar-2005 20:10:29 EET
Bug criticalityJSPWiki:CosmeticBug
Browser versionNot Relevant
Bug statusClosedBug
PageProvider usedNot Relevant
Servlet ContainerNot Relevant
Operating SystemNot Relevant
URLNot Relevant
Java versionNot Relevant

IF someone changes the template file PreviewContent.jsp, and reformats the <wiki:Translate> tags, translation will fail for the first line if the production rule it expects to have applied reuqires that the character start at the beginning of a line.



IF the page looks like:

!!! Big heading
!! Little heading

Then translator will actually see:

        !!! Big heading
!! Little heading

I would argue that translate should trim whitespace and blank lines until the first non-whitespace character is encountered. I doubt that anyone will actually lose any whitespace they wanted to keep in this case.



Fixed in 2.2.19.

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