TitleWikiWizard actions fired as side effect of typing polish national characters.
Date01-Nov-2006 19:13:29 EET
SubmitterPaweł Limanówka
Bug criticalityMediumBug
Browser version
Bug statusNewBug
PageProvider used
Servlet Container
Operating SystemWindows XP
Java version5

Using WikiWizard editor for polish (pl_PL) locale is very annoying. Typing some of the national characters causes editor actions to fire as side-effect.

This is due to the standard polish keyboard layout - the national characters are typed with the rigth Alt held down. This is mapped as "Ctrl-Alt" key combo by the swing event system:

CharacterKeyboard key-strokeJava key event mapping

As the result, when I try to type "ó" (which is quite common in polish language), the editor fires "Attachements" (Ctrl-o) action. This is the only key stroke that is problematic. All the other national characters can be used without any side effects.

Didn't have time to look at the editor source code, but I suppose checking for "Alt" key flag in the event would be enought to supress this unwanted behaviour.

-- PawelLimanowka, 1-Nov-2006

Waiting for volunteer to fix this bug

This looks like something for Christoph Sauer ?


We are solving this issue with the next release of WikiWizard.

-- ChristophSauer 1. April 2007

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