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Date22-Mar-2005 16:26:29 EET
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This morning we saw some flakiness with the wiki. I was editing my EttkForStandards page (http://instawiki.webahead.ibm.com/pilot/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=Main&wiki=EttkForStandardsWiki) and the updated ended up on the EmployeeFocusedHelpCommunicationWorkshop (http://instawiki.webahead.ibm.com/pilot/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=Main&wiki=EmployeeFocusedHelpCommunicationWorkshop)

I would not have know except that Michael Flake called to complain to me. I used my favorites link to get to my page, thus I had no way to directly edit his page. I tried to explain that it was probably a back end issue.

While I understand if this is considered an unreproducable problem (I certainly don't want to try to reproduce it!!), however, I would be interested in know if you have seen similiar issues.

Thanks, Ginny Ghezzo ginnyb@us.ibm.com

Can't say that I have seen anything like this ever before. Anyone else?

-- JanneJalkanen

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