• Provides simple integration to a running Bugzilla system.
  • Needs access to the bugzilla database.
  • Allows creating of and linking to tickets as well as reporting on milestones.

02.04.06: Plugin is now available, please download the attached ZIP archive, unpack it and read the (short) documentation.

Please be advised: There is absolutely NO WARRANTY associated.

- Joerg Viola

-Yes, Yes please I beg you, carry on with this.... it'll be brilliant.... what about one for subversion?

ta, GWP

- sorry for the delay! Indeed we do subversion integration also but I do not see how to get this into a JSPWiki plugin, you have to use bugtraq and modify bugzilla to provide autolinkification, dont you? - jv

C&P from installation instructions inside the zip:


Bugziki Version 1.0 Distribution contains:

src/*Source code
doc/*this documentation


Bugziki is a JSPWiki plugin, providing simple integration with the Bugzilla bugtracking system. In spirit, it follows the Trac system, but using proven and potentially installed components.

After installation, you may insert into your Wiki pages the following commands:

[{Ticket id=1003}] -> Renders a link to an existing ticket, displaying its name.
[{Ticket name='Void order must void commission, too'}] -> Schedule a ticket for creation and link to it.
[{Milestone name='1.2.1'}] -> Display milestone summary.



You need:
  • JSPWiki installed
  • Bugzilla installed
  • Access to the Bugzilla database from the JSPWiki server
  • A jdbc driver for the Bugzilla database (usually MySQL, try MM-MySQL)


  • Stop the JSPWiki server
  • Locate the WEB-INF directory of JSPWiki (if $TOMCAT is the root of the tomcat installation, you should find it under $TOMCAT/webapps/JSPWiki/WEB-INF).
  • copy the following file to WEB-INF/lib: bugziki.jar, commons-dbcp.jar, commons-pool.jar, the mysql jdbc driver
  • edit WEB-INF/
    • add com.objectcode.bugziki to the jspwiki.plugin.searchPath
    • add the following variables at the end of the file:
Variable 		Example 			 Description 
bugziki.db.driver 	com.mysql.jdbc.Driver 		 Class of the JDBC Driver 
bugziki.db.url 		jdbc:mysql://localhost/bugzilla  Bugzillas JDBC database address, as seen from the JSPWiki server 
bugziki.db.uid 		root 				 Bugzilla database user id 
bugziki.db.pwd 		*********			 Bugzilla database user password 
bugziki.http.url 	 Base URL for links into bugzilla 
bugziki.http.product 	MyProduct 			 Default Bugzilla Product 
  • Start the JSPWiki server



The usual lifecycle of a ticket in Bugziki is:
  • a requirement or bug is discussed during a meeting, telephone call or mail
  • a protocol is written in a wiki page
  • the protocol is reviewed and action items are found
  • action items are turned into ticket by marking them as such: [{Ticket name='What is to do?'}]
  • The new ticket is now displayed just like a link to a not-yet-existing wiki page
  • Following the link, you are transferred to the Bugzilla Bug-Enter Form in order to specify details about the ticket.
  • in the protocol, the ticket is now shown together with its id and state.
You may refer to an existing ticket using its id: [{Ticket id=1005}] Milestones A milestone defined in Bugzilla has tickets attached to it. In order to get an overview just write: [{Milestone name='0.1.7'}] and you are provided with progress information:


Following the links, you get to correspondent Bugzilla Query Results.

Further integration tips#

Integrate Subversion and Bugzilla using bugtraq Properties#

Integrate WebSVN#

Autolinkification for Commit Sets and Wiki pages#


  • Subversion and/or CVS integration (can now be done partially using WebSVN)
  • a comprehensive timeline
  • a complete template project wiki


Many thanks to the people of these projects:

Hi !

Do you have any sandbox installation available so I can see what this plugin can do. I was trying to install on my own computer, but I gave up (it's not plugin, it's bugzilla, I have not installed it yet, so before I can test drive your plugin I must do that first, only problem is that I don't have time at the moment).


--Andy, 05-Jul-2007

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