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Applying style sheet classes on WikiPages#

To apply a CSS style defined in a style sheet (probably .../templates/default/jspwiki.css, unless you have defined your own template in, apply this notation:

Wiki notation Effect
%%stylename ... %% start styled section using class stylename content: normal WikiNotation to be styled close styled section

Applying in-line CSS styles#

The notation for in-line CSS drops the stylename parameter, replacing it with style definitions surrounded by parantheses:

Wiki notation Effect
%%( font-size: 150%; color: red ) ... %% start styled section with any CSS definitions content: normal WikiNotation to be styled close styled section


HowToColorText HowToCenterText


Inline CSS definitions are supported on wikipages starting with JSPWiki version 2.1.38.
I wasn't too sure whether to use ( or [ or { to delimit the css code... Let me know if my choice is likely to cause problems... For an example, see this entry on my weblog. -- JanneJalkanen
The styling notation surrounds a section of regular wikitext with a DIV tag with the specified CSS attributes.

With IE6, the div tag produces a cosmetic bug. Spaces are not rendered correctly. Create the following simple HTML file and display it in IE6 and Firefox 1.0:

This should be a <div style="color:red;display:inline">red</div> word.

-- ReinhardEngel, 2004-11-26

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