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Applying style sheet classes on WikiPages#

A CSS style can be defined in a style sheet (probably .../templates/default/jspwiki.css, unless you have defined your own template in JSPWiki comes with some pre-defined styles.

To apply a CSS style use this notation:

Wiki notation Effect
%%stylename ... %% start styled section using class stylename content: normal WikiNotation to be styled close styled section

Applying in-line CSS styles#

Applying in-line CSS styles#

The notation for in-line CSS drops the stylename parameter, replacing it with style definitions surrounded by parentheses:

Wiki notation Effect
This is normal text. %%(color:red)This text is red.%% This is normal text again. This is normal text.
This text is red.
This is normal text again.


HowToColorText HowToCenterText


Inline CSS definitions are supported on wikipages starting with JSPWiki version 2.1.38. For block usage a div tag is rendered, for inline usage a span tag.

/** A JavaScript function */
function test() {
  var a = "abc";

It is not possible to assign CSS code to a variable and have the CSS be rendered where it is inserted. For example, the following will not work:

[{SET red='%%(color:red)RED%%'}]

And to prove it:


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