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Caching improvements#

I spent some time analyzing what kinds of requests are issued from the wiki to the Page and Attachment providers in an effort to figure out why large wikis (1000+ pages) with lots of links and large pages become slow.

We have our own custom Page and Attachment providers which request content from a remote machine. This causes a 10 millisecond delay in every request. Booting up a wiki like this takes ages (10 minutes on 2.4GHz pentium) mainly due to caching inefficiency.

There are multiple factors that cause this:

  • Page and Attachment provider implementations can differ
  • There is no Attachment cache
  • Cache configuration errors make life difficult
  • There were some bugs in the caching implementation

More or less all of the issues got solved by re-engineering Page and Attachment providers and fixing of the bugs. This did spark me with some ideas on how the providers should be rewritten to give more flexibility to the provider writer.

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