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The CalendarListPlugin provides a view into a schedule of events. (x past days, y futures days)

Using this plugin you can have a calendar of the the year's events, recording them as you discover them, and the plugin will display a list of the most recent and upcoming events.

Here are two screen shots. The first shows the page with the complete schedule. The second shows a wiki page called 'HomePage' with a small section of the schedule displayed as a list.

The schedule pages uses wiki markup to build the schedule list. Currently the date format must be precise - exactly the date, or exactly the date, a space, and the time with leading zero if the hour is under 10. I'm working on making the formatting more flexible and the date/time entry lest strict. I'd also like to be able to show unscheduled events.

CalendarListPlugin syntax:#

[{INSERT com.hurlbert.jspwiki.plugin.CalendarList listpagename='SVSchedule' futuredays='15' format=WEEKLY}]


listpagename (mandatory)
This is the name of the wiki page containing the schedule events. The must be in a table, as described below.
Default: list
This defines the output format. Valid values are LIST or WEEKLY. (More may be added later.)
Default: 3
This is the number of days of events to show on the output. futuredays=21 will show 3 weeks worth of events.
Default: 1
This is the number of past days events. pastdays=7 will show a weeks worth of past events.
Default: red
If the events are within 'hotdays' of today, they will show up as this color.
Default: brown
If the events are within 'warmdays' of today, they will show up as this color.
Default: black
If the events are within 'colddays' of today, they will show up as this color.
Default: 1
The number of days worth of events to show with the hotcolor.
Default: 7
The number of days worth of events to show with the warmcolor.
Default: 14
The number of days worth of events to show with the coldcolor.
Default: #999999
Events that are in the past will show as pastcolor.
Default: lightgrey
Events that are in the future and not covered by the other colors will show as listcolor.
Default: lightblue
'Today' has todaybgcolor as the background color. This allows today to be seen easily.
Default: #FOFOFO
The header is the "Mon Tue Wed..." part at the top of the weekly calendar list. This color is used for the background of the header.
Default: #FOFOFO
Each day will have daybgcolor as the background color, except for today. That will have todaybgcolor.
Default: true
If this is true, the event text for today will be bold.

Format of the schedule page (not the output page). #

The schedule format is pretty strict right now. Build a page anyway you like, lines with the following format will be picked up and put in the schedule.
|02/01/04 03:00 PM|Superbowl
|02/02/04 08:00 PM|Antiques Roadshow SF
|02/09/04 08:00 PM|Antiques Roadshow SF
|02/29/04 05:00 PM|[The Oscars - 76th Annual|]
|03/09/04 10:00 PM|The Shield, Season 3 premier

Using CalendarListPlugin#

Display a weekly calendar, with a header like screenshot

%%( font-family: Arial; font-size: 60%; )
[{INSERT com.hurlbert.jspwiki.plugin.CalendarList listpagename='SVSchedule' pastdays='7' futuredays='15' 
hotdays=1 warmdays=2 colddays=7 listcolor=BLUE hotcolor=darkgreen warmcolor=maroon coldcolor=blue 
format=WEEKLY headerbgcolor='lightblue'}]

Display a simlpe list with the default coloring

[{INSERT com.hurlbert.jspwiki.plugin.CalendarList listpagename='SVSchedule'}]

Bugs, unfinished items.#

  • todaybold is not working.
  • The date parsing is very strict. It currently generates a PluginException if the format is wrong. It should ignore or warn.

Some possible enhancements (feel free to add others)#

  • More formats.
  • Move the defaults to the file.
  • Add categories to the events.

Enjoy - Scott Hurlbert

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