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CamelCase is a way of writing, WithEveryWordInCapitalLetter and MashedTogether. It's commonly used in many programming languages, and in Wikis, it defines a WikiWord.

JSPWiki supports CamelCase linking from 1.9.2 onwards.

Here is the relevant discussion from Ideas, with a couple of additional thoughts.

May 3, 2002 -- MattMower#


I had this notion that JSPWiki should automagically turn text into links. After some text has been made a link using:


and the corresponding page has been created, JSPWiki should automatically turn that text into a link wherever it is found, even when it isn't included inside the markers.

I'm not sure of the implications of this but I thought it might be interesting....

JanneJalkanen: Actually, most wikis just make all words ThatHaveBeenWrittenInCamelCase to links, and you're supposed to just write your text using CamelCase whenever you think might be necessary. This allows you to do automatical linking with ease. We require []s everywhere, but I'm slowly starting to think that perhaps allowing CamelCase is quite okay. For now, just write everything you think might be useful as a link later on inside square brackets. It doesn't matter if the link does not exist - someone will create them at some point. If you're bored, you can always go to UndefinedPages and make some =).

MattMower: Now I think about it I'm less certain I want it. I seem to remember it was one of the things I found irritating about my early experiences with Wiki. I think what maybe I want is a way to insert the links easily where I want them. Hmmm.... now I'm not sure what I want :)

GarethSB (after discussion with DuncanMcGregor): Supporting CamelCase in addition to the [] mechanism would be very unlikely to break anything that exists already on any JSPWiki -- there isn't going to be much CamelCase that shouldn't be a link right? It would make transfer from other WikiClones much easier too. Go for it, I say! (OliBye said more or less the same thing on xpdeveloper too:

JanneJalkanen: Actually, I had a sort-of-working version of using plain CamelCase running already. Then I accidentally deleted the entire source tree (before I was able to put it into CVS). I got so miffed by it that I haven't bothered to hack it back up again. (I am using the word "hack" because the current TranslatorReader structure cannot really do the CamelCase link detection cleanly.) Anyway, it's on the TODOList.

JanneJalkanen: Yap. I wrote a much better implementation and support for plain CamelCase is now in 1.9.2, available from cvs. It was a bit tricky because we did not want to break any existing code ([HyperLink] should not match, neither should []. :-)

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