I'm evaluating several Wikis for intranet use. JSPWiki's built-in version control and file upload capabilities are fantastic, and the plugin interface looks nice and simple.

One interesting feature I've seen in other wikis that doesn't seem to be implemented here is the ability to call special routines for page processing. With the Multiline Plugins option I think coding this up would be trivial, but being new to this project I wonder if this would be the correct way to go about doing it.

At the moment I have in mind two types of data I would like to embed in wiki pages:

  • XML with associated XSLT for xhtmlifying
  • LaTeX code with conversion back in to html or, even better, PNG (though I haven't really given thought as to how this would be accomplished in JSPWiki). prior art at http://zwiki.org/ZwikiAndLatex

From the wikiwizards, I would appreciate feedback addressing:

  • the Multiline Plugins as a reasonable approach
  • what other implementation approaches I might consider
  • more generally, if this kind of plugin would be viewed as a good idea or a misguided kludge

I'm not even sure if just posting this here will attract the right sort of attention, but many thanks in advance for any input.

See PageFilters - the idea has come up already. Restored this page since it seemed like a random vandalizing attempt.

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