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About browser specific stylesheet support.#

The CSS stylesheets in JSPWiki mostly use standard css definitions, compatible across most browser platforms. Browser specific styles are avoided as much as possible.

However, in some cases (especially for IE6 and IE7 browsers) specific treatment is required because css-specs are not implemented always correctly. In order to work-around some of the browser limitations, the JSPWiki stylesheets use inline css-hacks.

For IE6 and lower:

/*ie6 hack*/
* html <css-selector> { <css-style defs> }

For IE7:

/*ie7 hack*/
*:first-child+html <css-selector> { <css-style defs> }

By using inline css browser-hacks, it's easy to distinguish the generic standard css definitions from the brwoser specific hacks. And it also keeps maintenance easy.

However, you could also use conditional JSP comments to include alternative browser specific stylesheets.

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