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referring ideas pages below.#

Category Ideas
Commenting Ideas
Idea Subversion Provider Should Go Into Core
Ideas In Page Hyperlinks
Ideas Internationalization
Ideas Multiple Wiki Webs
Ideas Plugin Script Language
Ideas Sub Pages
Ideas Translator Reader Evolution
Ideas User Preferences
Ideas Wiki Taglib
Multiline Plugins
New Idea
Page Deletion
Page Filters
Plugin Development
Search Enhancements
Test Features
Wiki Markup Development
Xml Storage

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Janne, I can't find the idea tracking system anywhere without searching. Is there a discrepancy between Category Ideas and Idea Category? There seem to be several ideas pages, and none seem to link to these issue tracking pages. Having submitted some ideas I'd like to think they haven't gone into a black hole :-) -SteveS

Yes. Nobody has so far cleaned up the pages... The correct place would be to put everything in the JIRA where they get tracked.

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