!! Category popup

''[Wiki Categories|WikiCategory] are purely conceptual groupings for organising the contents of a Wiki. 

Each page in a wiki site may belong to one or more [Wiki Categories|WikiCategory].  In order to mark a page for inclusion for a special category, just link to the category page from the bottom of the page. ''

This [JSPWikiStyle] (part of the [BrushedTemplate]) allows to easily get access to [Wiki Categories|WikiCategory] without
first navigating to the intermediate ''category'' page itself.
\\-- [DF|DirkFrederickx], April 06

! Usage:

  %%category [CategoryPage]%% 
The {{%~%category}} command turns an ordinary wikipage link into a 
popup screen which lists all pages refering to the [[CategoryPage].
When you click the link, the ''referenced by'' information of the 
category page is retrieved from the server.

! Example:

See also %%category [BrushedTemplate] and [JSPWikiPlugins]%%

Reality check:\\
See also %%category [BrushedTemplate] and [JSPWikiPlugins]%%

Screenshot1 before click, with tooltip: [{Image src='category.png' style='border: 2px solid #ff9933'}]
Screenshot2 after click, with popup: [{Image src='category-popup.png' style='border: 2px solid #ff9933'}]