The CeryleWikiPlugins includes a variety of utility plugins as well as some designed specifically to work within the Ceryle application (the latter are called Integration plugins and are not listed here). Rather than attempt to maintain two wiki pages about the same set of plugins, please see the CeryleWikiPlugins page for the most recent documentation and distribution information for these plugins. Also see the CeryleWikiPluginCatalog page for a detailed plugin catalog.

At the time of this writing (11-Aug-2007) the CeryleWikiPlugins include:

  • AggregatePlugin - Combines the QueryPlugin and InsertPage plugin to generate "aggregates" of the selected pages. This could be used to auto-generate glossaries, dictionaries, and summaries of all sorts.
  • AliasPlugin - provides an alternative (reversed!) to the SET method of creating a page alias.
  • BibRefPlugin - with the addition of [{BibRef}] on a wiki page, provides an entire Dublin Core based bibliographic form. Requires the FormPlugin to be installed.
  • EmailNotifierPlugin - Sends an email notification upon page changes.
  • FlagPlugin - Displays a country flag image provided its ISO country code.
  • HasTagOfPlugin - provides a query on the list of pages having a given tag, tags expressed using the TagPlugin.
  • HelloWorldPlugin - provides a bit more than a minimal 'Hello World' plugin, providing a core set of features (such as parameter handling and authentication checking) as a demo and beginning point for plugin development.
  • InsertPage - Not actually a plugin, just an override for the JSPWiki plugin of the same name to insist that a 'class' parameter be used, forces 'insertion' if one was not specified by the caller.
  • InterWikiPlugin - This is a meta-plugin that is used to provide XML-RPC functionality for other plugin subclasses and supports all the methods in JSPWiki's RPCHandler. This plugin can't be called directly as it is designed to be extended (see InterWikiDiff and RecentNearChangesPlugin).
  • InterWikiDiff - based on InterWikiPlugin, this provides a diff function between the current wiki and a remote one via XML-RPC.
  • ListUsersPlugin - Lists the users currently online.
  • MostPopularPlugin - Lists the most popular pages on the wiki.
  • QueryPlugin - The QueryPlugin treats the pages and references between them like a database. You can query the pages using a simple syntax (AND, OR, NOT, ...). The matching pages are returned sorted alphabetically in a bulleted list.
  • RandomPagesPlugin - Provides a randomly-updated, randomly-sized list of randomly-selected wiki pages.
  • RecentNearChangesPlugin - This is like the RecentChanges plugin but works via XML-RPC to provide the list of changes on a remote wiki (using InterWiki links).
  • RedirectPlugin - Will return a fragment of javascript to do an automatic redirection.
  • TickerPlugin - A stock ticker plugin that provides some exchanges supported by Yahoo finance.
  • TranscludePlugin - Similar to the InsertPage plugin but transcludes pages across wiki (generally, JSPWiki) sites via XML-RPC.
  • TimelyGreetingPlugin - returns a timely greeting based on either server time or a provided timezone.
  • WikiSynchro - synchronizes all or part of the contents of another JSPWiki with the current wiki. Both must have XML-RPC enabled. n/a: currently under development.

(the following are included but not technically plugins)

  • AllHeadingsFilter - provides the addition <h4> through <h6> headings
  • FormSelect - adds the ability populate the form select list from a Search.
  • FormDebugHandler - a form handler used to debug Wiki form problems.
  • NewPageHandler - creates a new page using the information provided by a form.
  • UniqueIdHandler - A plugin that provides a unique identifier upon request.
  • WikiConstants - constants used by plugins


Distributions of the plugin package and the most recent documentation can be found on the CeryleWikiPlugins page on CeryleWiki (which of course is using JSPWiki).

The older 2006-07-26 distribution is a 191K zip file containing a functional jar file and a second jar containing the source. This is distributed under an Apache 2 license. This is still alpha/beta code, so feedback is welcomed, though I must apologize beforehand that my time for any "support" is currently very limited. -- MurrayAltheim

Any questions or discussion about the CeryleWikiPlugins can be found on the CeryleWikiPluginDiscussion page.

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