I'd like to remove the "JSPWiki v2.8.4 " from the left menu footer. Is there any clues?

I have had a request to move the left menu to be at the top of the page in order to reclaim horizontal space. After browsing aroung a bit, i haven't figured out how it could be done.

Any suggestions?


You'd have to change the default template (bad idea) to support this or create your own template (better idea). I had considered doing this in the template I contributed, but eventually chose against it. I think the main reason I chose to keep it on the left-hand side is it seemed more natural and easier to maintain, even though you sacrifice horizontal space. It seemed easier to arrange menu-type content vertically instead of horizontally, especially if you wanted to grow it in the future (a lot of your pages will end up with a vertical scrollbar, anyway, but it is good to not have a horizontal scrollbar whenever possible).


What is natural depends on purpose. This user has a lot of windows up in which he is comparing text, so horizontal space is important. The Referenced By section can get wide if names are long. Any pointers on what to change? Also, how do you see changes? I removed referenced by from LeftMenu.jsp.

restarted the system, and it's still displaying. I'm not sure where this caching is.


Take a look at .../JSPWiki/templates/default/ViewTemplate.jsp. It specifies the table layout that contains the left menu (and footer), and the content areas.

What you really want to do is copy the default directory to a new name, say, wide, inform JSPWiki to use the wide template (edit jspwiki.properties, set jspwiki.templateDir = wide), and then edit its ViewProperties.jsp as much as you wish. You may want to try out one of the contributed templates as a starting point.

The copy operation helps keep your changes separate, and it will be easier to update your JSPWiki version later. You will need to restart the JSPWiki after the changes.


I've edited ViewProperties and this works, but the LeftMenu organizes everything vertically so it doesn't work when trying to make a bottom "frame". Is there a way to change the layout of LeftMenu links?


Um. Most of the links are given by the contents of the page LeftMenu; those you can organize to suit your look and feel by editing it in your wiki. Some items are added in the file LeftMenu.jsp; you could just simplify that in your template directory. The final probem, I suppose, is that the referring pages plugin adds breaks after each page link. This would be pretty trivial to fix, but requires a bit of Java skill and compiling your own wiki from source. We might consider a non-break-option, but this would only apply to JSPWiki v2.1.*.


Actually, there's a parameter called "separator" in which you can specify any WikiMarkup you like. It's default value is a line break, but you can easily do vertical alignment with

[{ReferringPagesPlugin separator=','}]

Someone needs to add this to the documentation, I see :).

Ooo, easy distraction. Done. (v2.1.89 and newer...) --ebu

Fadd : I have downloaded the JSP wiki and installed it and its running on a Tomcat server. What I want to do is to display the Edit link on the Left Menu if the user is an admin and if not the Edit link should be hidden. How should I go about doing the change.

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