JAJSPWIKIH... Err, Just Another JSPWiki Hacker. ;)

Wow, doesn't that just roll off the tongue.

I used JSPWiki as an intranet content management solution at a governmental agency in Ohio. I freely admit that JSPWiki wasn't my first choice, but after another java-based wiki (who shall remain nameless) started to "loose" pages, I switched over and haven't looked back.

BTW, anyone know of a fast, cheap, and good (yeah, I know I'm only supposed to pick two) servlet hosting company? Maybe this should go in JSPWikiFriendlyWebHosting.

Update: Well, I've resigned myself to using JSPWiki on localhost and using a PHP-based wiki on my site.

While going through RecentChanges, I noticed that JMiner was editing quite a few pages by adding a ~. Although I noticed that most of the edits were in front of java classes (e.g., java.lang.NullPointerException), it didn't occur to me that this particular installation uses CamelCase as a valid page as I didn't use it for the instance I installed at work. JMiner epitomizes what a good WikiGardener should be.

Here's the exchange:

What's with all the tildes (~)? --ChrisCiulla

When you have a CamelCase word in a page's text, JSPWiki automatically treats it as a link to a WikiPage. Sometimes, like when you're refering to a Java class, you don't wan't the link to appear. Putting a tilda in front of the word makes the wiki ignore the implied link.
E.g. CamelCase vs. CamelCase. Note that the second instance has a tilde prefix. The tilde does not get displayed.
Most recently, I noticed that there's a NullPointerException page that appears ready for deletion (it contains the [DELETEME] link). So I've been finding the references and adding the tilde prefix.
I also hit the cases where I see a java class that is being treated as a link but doesn't have a page yet. Those are the links with a question mark.

In later versions of JSPWiki, links to nonexistent pages show up as red text rather than with a question mark. Here's a link to a nonexistent page: NonexistentPagePleaseDoNotCreateThisPage --JMiner

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