I am now around for a while since I started to use JSPWiki almost two years ago in my department as knowledge repository. As I have left some tracks on this Wiki now, I will keep a condensed collection of my finding for my and every bodies else references.

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17-Aug-2006 02:08
06-May-2006 23:06
Back in JSPWiki land since a while. see my note in BugShortURLConstructorDoesNotWorkWithRelativeInterWikiLinks. Will observe this bug, as I like this feature.
06-Oct-2004 08:24

Looks a new species comes up in this Wiki PageFilters they are currently categorized under the plugins. Looks like a good candidate for refactoring, structured similar to the plugins.

I will start to collect existing Filters. These should be removed from the plugin pages as they will mess up these at the long run.

Also I noticed that with the Lucene search engine included in 2.1.x refactoring should become much more fun.

I have tried to refactor the filters. I put them under plugins originally, as there was no place before. New place: Contributed Plugins (Sorry for writing on your blog. Delete as necessary!) -- Bradford Holcombe
06-Sep-2004 21:09

Looks like all entries are lost. Even when the syntax

[{INSERT WeblogPlugin days=all, maxEntries=10 }]

works with version 2.1.106-cvs but it does not with this version. After investigation in the source this is not expected to work in version 2.0.52 of the WeblogPlugin. As workaround:

[{INSERT WeblogPlugin days=9999, maxEntries=10 }]
does the job. Finally FAQWeblog gives some more insights.

21-Aug-2004 02:01

Surprisingly today I came across the first time the Pic page, maybe because I am in favor of a simplistic approach for Wiki content.

Also I made some comments to CVSAndJSPWikiClash and marked some junk pages as deleteable.

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