I am a researcher at the Heilbronn University's i3G Institute (in Germany) where I work for the Software R&D group. I am an assistant to Christoph Sauer where I am the lead developer of the WikiWizard, a WYSIWiki editor for the JSPWiki. I founded the Esperanto Wikipedia (the 15th largest Wikipedia with 40,000+ articles) and am a board member of the World Esperanto Youth Organization. I also maintain the JSPWiki record at WikiMatrix.Org.

I had the pleasure of meeting JanneJalkanen at the Wikimania 2005 conference in Frankfurt and am excited to see where this project will take us. I am originally from Harrisburg, PA, USA, but have lived in recent years in Rotterdam (Netherlands), Calgary (Canada) and New York City.

At WikiSym 06, I lead a workshop on WikiCreole with the help of ChristophSauer, JanneJalkanen and WardCunningham.

I am in charge of WikiWizardIdeas.

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