Current relevance to jspwiki:

jspwiki is being used by “USAServices”, a US Federal portal (

I’m working with a group involved in clinical decision support, using the wiki for collaboration. This is my first exposure to jspwiki, though I’ve stood up small instances of pmwiki and mediawiki. I’m enjoying learning about jspwiki, and have taken the liberty of cleaning up a few pages on as a learning exercise (and, hopefully, a minor contribution to the community).


Dr. Curtis manages interagency liaison for health information systems technology sharing between the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) and the Indian Health Service (IHS), focusing on sustainable collaboration between the two agencies. As a member of the VHA Chief Health Informatics Office team, he is also involved in multiple workgroups and projects in clinical informatics. Dr. Curtis maintains a part-time practice in the Women Veterans Health Center at the Jamaica Plain campus of the Boston Healthcare System.

Past positions: Director of Clinical Informatics for VHA's New England Healthcare Network (4/98 to 6/04); Chief Information Systems Architect for VHA (7/96 to 4/98); Chair of the VHA Clinical Application Requirements Group (7/94 to 7/96).

Dr. Curtis received his undergraduate degree in engineering from Case-Western Reserve University and his MD and PhD (in Management Information Systems) from the University of Arizona. Dr. Curtis joined VHA in 1994 after 22 years as a Commissioned Officer in the U. S. Public Health Service, the last 15 as a primary care physician and clinical software developer with the Indian Health Service.

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