This provider lets you store the Wiki pages in a ClearCase VOB.

! Requirements
* Rational ClearCase 5.0

! Notes
* The page's author property is stored as a ClearCase object attribute.  To get this to work an attribute type has to be created for the VOB (details in the Installation section).
* The provider uses the {{jspwiki.fileSystemProvider.pageDir}} property to locate the storage directory for the Wiki pages.  The value for this property on a Windows system needs to be specified as: {{//view/your_view/a_vob/path_to_wiki}}.
* This code hasn't been extensively tested yet, so I can't provide any guarantee that it will work for you.

! Installation
# Create a directory on a VOB to store your pages.  Don't forget to add it to source control and check it in.
# Add all your pages to this directory and add them to source control.
# Download the [jspwiki-ccase.jar] and put it in the Wiki's {{WEB-INF/lib}} directory.
# Edit
## {{jspwiki.pageProvider =}}
## {{jspwiki.fileSystemProvider.pageDir = //view/your_view/a_vob/path_to_wiki}}
# Create the attribute type __WikiAuthor__ for the VOB: {{mkattype -nc WikiAuthor}}

If you have any problems or questions you can report it to me. --[KnutWannheden]

I will try to write an attachment provider which stores the attachments on a ClearCase VOB as well. --[KnutWannheden]
''Very cool!  Thank you!  :-) --JanneJalkanen''

!2003/10/16 - Receive FATAL JasperException message 

I currently have JSPWiki configured to send me an e-mail when any message of WARN priority level or above is logged by JSPWiki.  I received five separate e-mails on two separate occasions reporting the type of exception that is [attached|JasperException_StackTrace.txt] to this page.  No users, though, reported any issues with using the Wiki. -- [Theosophe74]

!2003/10/22 - RecentChanges treats all changes as new pages 

The RecentChanges page as well as the RSS feed is reporting every change as if it were a new page.  The RecentChanges page shows everything as lines added, but with nothing deleted.  The RSS feed items say "{person} created this page on {date/time}" for all pages, regardless of whether the pages previously existed.

I checked the JSPWiki log file, and it doesn't contain any errors that I can see. -- [Theosophe74]

!2003/10/22 - Receiving "File is already checked out" error message

When using the ClearCase File Provider, on multiple occasions I receive the message "File ... is already checked out to view...", even though I know that I am the only person editing the page.  This seems to happen when I navigate back and forth a few times from the Edit and Preview pages for a particular Wiki page.

In order to save my changes to a page, I have to navigate to the ClearCase view and undo the file checkout (the file is usually identical to is predecessor).  While I currently can do this myself because the JSPWiki application is being run using my userid, I won't have permission to uncheckout files once JSPWiki is being run by an administrative ClearCase account. --[Theosophe74]

!2003/11/05 - Source Code Available

FYI, I was able to get in touch with the [author|KnutWannheden] of the ClearCaseFileProvider, and to have him forward the source code for the provider.  I have [attached|] the source to this page.  I believe some co-workers within my company are going to try to look at the source to try to resolve some of the issues we've been having.  If we have any luck, we'll post our findings here.

One behavior we did witness was that Diff.jsp appears to behave correctly when explicitly given two version numbers as request parameters, but does not seem to return the correct results (i.e. it treats the page as new) if you just specify -1 as the previous version (like done by the URLs to recent differences on the "RecentChanges" page).

I'm also [attaching|jspwiki-ccase-notes.txt] the author's notes to me on the current state of the provider.

Hope this helps -- [Theosophe74]

!2005/03/16 - JasperException and InternalWikiException


If I change the jspwiki.pageProvider = FileSystemProvider to  jspwiki.pageProvider = and jspwiki.fileSystemProvider.pageDir = C:\Data to jspwiki.fileSystemProvider.pageDir = //view/your_view/a_vob/path_to_wiki}} ín the jspwiki.porperties file (JSPWiki v2.1.144) I get a JasperException and InternalWikiException. I haven`t had this problem with the version v2.0.52. Can someone help me??? 

!2006/03/14 - {{}}

I get a {{NoClassDefFoundError}} exception when I set {{jspwiki.pageProvider}} to {{}}.
{{ClassUtil.findClass()}} seem to check for {{com.ecyrd.jspwiki.providers.<jspwiki.pageProvider>}} instead of {{<jspwiki.pageProvider>}}.
Has anyone used ClearCaseFileProvider with the current releases of JspWiki?

-- [PatricK]


anyone used this lately?

I have cc 6 and would like to use it.  Does it work?

--jeff walker, 16-Sep-2006

I came across a strange problem.

After the undo checkout, the file Modified Time is not the original time, but it is changing in to current time. Please help by updating this page.

RadhaKrishna.Ketha, 17-Oct-2008.