This is a list of all closed bugs (and some other pages that also refer to this page):

Bug ACL Commands Being Ignored
Bug ACL Not Updating
Bug Absent Cookie
Bug Accented Characters Converted Badly
Bug Add Attachment Fails With Container Authentication
Bug Add Comment Throws Exception Reliably
Bug After Deployinh In Server Realtime
Bug Ampersand Not Encoded Propely
Bug An Error Occurred At Line 23 In The Jsp File Comment.jsp Generated Servlet Error Comment.jsp Cannot Be Compiled Changenote Cannot Be Resolved
Bug An Unknown Exception Java.lang.Null Pointer Exception Was Caught By Error.jsp.
Bug Application Name Be Garbled If There Are Chinese Characters In It
Bug Arbitrary HTML Markup In Heading Is Rendered By Table Of Content Plugin
Bug Attach Files Even If Page Does Not Exist
Bug Attachement Not Getting Opened Throws HTTP Status 404 Error
Bug Attachment And Info Tabs Are Blank
Bug Attachment Deletion Leaves Reference Manager In A Bad State
Bug Attachment Fails With Plus Signs
Bug Attachment Names Not Added To Lucene Index
Bug Attachment Size Limit Property
Bug Attachment Upload Add New Attachment Does Not Show Unless You Are An Admin
Bug Attachment Url Not Compatable With Relative Links
Bug Attachment Viewable By Any Through The Find And Contents Regardless Of ACL Of Parent
Bug Attachment With Hash Cannot Be Viewed
Bug Attachments Are Not Properly Attached
Bug Attachments No Longer Resolving After Changing To Extension Based UR Ls
Bug Attachments No Longer Showing Up
Bug Attachments Not Displaying Unless User Logged In As Admin
Bug Authentication Improperly Allowed On Windows XP
Bug Author Tag Does Not Link User Page Correctly
Bug Authorization To Edit
Bug Automatically Load Plugin Without Changing Searchpath In
Bug Back Slashes In Http String In A File Causes File Not To Load
Bug Bad Code Signer Error For Weblog Category Plugin Under 2.3.95
Bug Bad Default Config
Bug Badly Formatted Pages
Bug Binary Attachment Download Fails With IE 6.0 When Container Managed Authentication Is Activated.
Bug Breadcrumb Tag Wont Compile With JDK 1.6
Bug Breadcrumbs Separator Not XMHTL Compliant
Bug Broken Heading Anchors
Bug Broken JSP Wiki Inter Wiki Link
Bug Brushed Template Extra Vanilla Puts Left Menu At Bottom Right Of IE Browser
Bug Brushed Template Preview Gives Attempt To Post From A Different IP Address Than Where The Page Was Originally Fetched
Bug Bug Cannot Ceate A Page Named CON
Bug Bug No More Than One Sorttable Table Per Page
Bug Build Fails With Paths Containing Spaces
Bug Bustage Under J Boss
Bug CMS Form Based Authentication
Bug CSS Class For View Template.jsp Body Tag
Bug CSSINCLUDE.JS Doesnt Work Recurring Bug
Bug CSS In Tables
Bug Can Keep Pressing Next 20 Results On Result Search Page
Bug Can Not Run On Weblogic
Bug Cannot Nest References
Bug Cannot Set Up A User Profile At
Bug Cannot Update Reffer Links After Rename
Bug Cannot Upload Attachment
Bug Cannot Use Wiki Variables Inside Wiki Links
Bug Cannot View The Attachment Any More If Allow Any Permission To Anybody On That Page
Bug Centering Images Using Image Plugin Does Not Work In Firefox
Bug Changing Template Results In Blank Pages
Bug Chinese Characters In Links Show Up Incorrectly
Bug Circular Referencekind Of In Init Of Lucene Search Provider
Bug Class Cast Exception In Session Monitor
Bug Class Cast Exception When Log Out
Bug Class Org.wikiwizard.Flash Splash Not Found
Bug Clicking Onmore Info On Httpwww.jspwiki.orgwiki Main Takes A Very Long Time
Bug Clobbered UTF 8 In Wiki Body
Bug Closing Table Header Cell Code Th Generated Incorrectly When All Cells Not Th
Bug Collapsebox Css Style Does Not Support Closed Option
Bug Collapsebox Open Close Bullet Shows Up On Far Right Of Screen
Bug Com.ecyrd.jspwiki.Page Lock Not Serializable
Bug Comment Box Style
Bug Comment Preview Deletes All Comments
Bug Commonheader.jsp In Web Sphere JSPG 0055 E Unable To Create An Xml Attribute From Name Skins Value Skin Name
Bug Commonheader.jsp This Attribute Is Not Recognized.Error Message Web Logic
Bug Configuration Error For JSP Wiki Container ON Weblogic 9.2
Bug Container Authentication Problems
Bug Content Doesnt Display Correctly In Websphere Advanced Server 4.0
Bug Copied Pages Do Not Index Unless Edited
Bug Couldnt Register Bug
Bug Couldnt Save User Profile
Bug Couldnt Upload New Attachment For A Page Which Be Named Using Chinese
Bug Create Group Gives Nullpointer Exception
Bug Cssinclude.js Fails In IE Because It Includes Ascript Tag
Bug DNS Lookups Taking Too Long
Bug Default Template Violates JSP Specification
Bug Delete Fails If Page Has Attachmens
Bug Delete Fails On Some Attachments
Bug Deleted Versions Still Show Up In The Page Revision History Table
Bug Deleting Pages Does Not Affect Recent Changes
Bug Do Not List This Page As Bug In New Bugs
Bug Double Percent Not Escaped By Tilde
Bug Downloading Attachments Doesnt Work When Using Apache With Mod_jk
Bug Edit Group.jsp Should Allow Character In Member List When Using NTLM
Bug Edit Permission Walks From Left Menu To Main
Bug Edit Short Menu NOK
Bug Elipsis In Page Name Fail To Save
Bug Empty Markup Doesnt Work For Bold And Italic
Bug Enhancement Tweaked Web.xml
Bug Error In Default Jspwiki.css
Bug Error On JSP Wiki Wiki Attachements
Bug Error Syntax Error In Www.jspwiki.orgscriptsccsinclude.js
Bug Error When Deploying Under Geronimo 1.2 beta Or Geronimo 2.0 M 5 With JDK 5.0 Under OSX
Bug Escaping Brackets
Bug Exceeded Stated Content Length Excpetion Under Weblogic
Bug Exception In Thread Watch Dog For JSP Wiki Java.lang.No Class Def Found Error Org Apache Log 4 j Spi Vector Writer
Bug Exception Occured After Set Up User Profile Is Clicked.
Bug Exclamation Mark Gets Doubled
Bug Exclude Fails On Unused Pages Plugin
Bug Expired Signing Certificate
Bug FCK And Allow HTML
Bug Fail To Attach A File To A Page With Multibyte Page Name
Bug Failed To Start Managers No Provider Class
Bug Fails To Load On Ubuntu Dapper Install
Bug File Upload Issue
Bug Firefox Does Not Like Escaped Char In URL
Bug First Character After End Of Table Gets Eaten
Bug First Save Fails
Bug Fix Reference Manager
Bug Footnote Links In Conjunction With Insert Page Plugin
Bug Form Input Plugin Does Not Allow Checked Radio Or Checkboxes
Bug Form Output Plugin Does Not Pass Body Parameter To Handler
Bug Forms Are Not Using Proper Names
Bug Frequent Session Expiration
Bug Function Attach File Is Missing After Updating 2.4.15
Bug Granting Permision To Groups Doesnot Work In The Policy File Or ACL
Bug Graphic Attachment Content Entwined In HTML
Bug HTML Code Not Protected When Filing A Bug.
Bug HTML Entities Are Getting Escaped Byamp
Bug HTML Scripts Not Working On Jsp W Iki Unix
Bug HTML Table Code Generation Incorrect Placement Of Closing Tag Th Tag.
Bug HTML Tags Translated In The Code Between Code Tags
Bug Has Attachments And Attachments Iterator Tags When Page Doesnt Exist
Bug Header Is Showing Page Name Tag As Crunched
Bug Heading Anchor Breaks CSS
Bug Heading And Table Of Content Conflict
Bug How Do I Prevent System Info From Showing Up In The RSS Feed
Bug How To Connect Mysql To Jspwiki Tool
Bug Html Char Entities Mishandled In Preview
Bug I Can T Use Editor Wiki Wizard
Bug I Planet HTTP Session Incompatibility
Bug Ignore Mail.smtp.starttls.enabled
Bug Image Plugin Creates Invalid XHTML
Bug Image Plugin NPE When Missing Align Parameter
Bug Image Plugin That Displays Thumbnail Image Increases Page Width
Bug Include Tag Uses Default Tag Only
Bug Including Failed Got A Servlet Exception From Sub Page
Bug Incorrect Servlet API Version In README
Bug Initializable Plugin Not Initialized
Bug Inline Image Recognition Fails With Inter Wiki Links
Bug Inline Images As Inter Wiki Links Dont Inline
Bug Inline Images Case Sensitive
Bug Inline Images Dont Appear For Capitalized Image File Extension Names
Bug Inline Usage Of Three Brace Escaping Broken
Bug Inserting A Page Fails If Target Page Name Contains An Underscore
Bug Inserting Space In Wiki Name Breaks Links
Bug Insertpage Plugin Dangerous
Bug Install.jsp Does Not Handle Windows Paths Well
Bug Install.jsp Does Not Provide Default Base URL
Bug Install.jsp Throws Not Found Exception
Bug Installation Does Not Set Up Permissions
Bug Internationalize And Login Content.jsp
Bug Interwiki Link JSP Wiki Must Be Updated
Bug Invalid Apostrophe HTML Entity Reference
Bug JSP Exception In Edit Page
Bug JSP Page Processes The Supplied Java Script Or HTML Code In The Textbox When Submit Button Is Clicked.
Bug JSP Wiki Asserted Name Cookie Set To Null
Bug JSP Wiki Does Not Work With Jetty 5.1.7
Bug JSP Wiki Initializing Itself Twice On Startup Two Lucene Indexer Threads Started
Bug JSP Wiki Randomly Adds Newpp Tags To A Page Reloaded Several Times
Bug JSP Wiki Shows Text Backwards For Hebrew
Bug JSP Wiki V.2.3.41 Not Working
Bug JSP Wiki With Container Authentication Not Compatible With IBMJDK
Bug JVM Segfault At Random Intervals
Bug Permission Access Denied For Tomcat Catalina.policy
Bug Parsing Problem
Bug Java Not Shutting Down Properly When Restarting Tomcat
Bug Jboss Portal Jspwiki Integration Authentication Not Working
Bug Jspwiki.policy Ignored When Using Security Manager
Bug Not Read Correctly
Bug Jspwiki.tld Empty Tag
Bug Jspwiki.translator Reader.allow HTML Is True But Html Tags Get Escaped
Bug Jspwiki Fails With Security Manager In Container
Bug Just Need Help
Bug Keep Editing Does Not Work With Safari
Bug Large Text Formatted Tables Cause Page Not To Display
Bug Large Values Truncated In Filters.xml
Bug Left Enu Does Not Change In View Template
Bug Left Menu Does Not Appear In MSIE
Bug Line Breaks In The Middle Of Text
Bug Link Tag Problems In V 2.3.61
Bug Link To Notes Pages Documents
Bug Linking To Anchors With Umlauts
Bug Links To Your Text Formatting Rules Are Crashing IE
Bug List Indentation
Bug Live Thread With Infinite Loop Keeps Tomcat From Closing Gracefully.
Bug Lock Not Working
Bug Log 4 j Not Uptodate Null Pointer Exception
Bug Login And Register Jsps And Short Url Constructor
Bug Login And Register Not Possible
Bug Login Error When Using CMS
Bug Lost Change Events On Wiki
Bug Lucence Search Is Incomplete
Bug Lucene Does Not Update Changed Pages
Bug Lucene Locking Up
Bug Lucene Query Syntax Errors Not Catched
Bug Lucene Search Provider Not Read Jspwiki.lucene.analyzer From Configuration
Bug Malformed Cookies Causes Parse Exception
Bug Messing Chinese Wiki Page Name
Bug Missing Variable Declaration In Comment.jsp
Bug Multi Wiki Creates RSS File In Wrong Place
Bug Multiple JSP Wiki Instances Use Same Log File When Told Otherwise
Bug My Prefs Active Tab NOK
Bug NPE Accessing User Preferences
Bug NPE During Rename
Bug NPE On Form Util
Bug NPE On Verify Policy And Container Roles
Bug NPE When Access Welcome Page
Bug Named Anchors
Bug Named Links Get Invalid Names When Swedish Characters Are Used
Bug New Group Null Pointer Exception
Bug No Acess
Bug No Page History After Migrating From File System Provider To Versioning File Provider
Bug No Screen Refresh After Uploading Attachmen
Bug No Way To Delete An Attachment
Bug Not Setting Attachment Provider Causes Strange Errors
Bug Not Sure Is It A Bug About Class Wiki Engine
Bug Not Working On Linux Konquerer
Bug Null Pointer Exception In J Boss 4.0.2
Bug Null Pointer Exception In J Boss 4.0.22
Bug Null Pointer Exception Thrown When Any Page Is Accessed
Bug Null Pointer Exception When Creating Group And ACL With Groups
Bug Null Pointer Exception When Inserting Images Without Align Attribute
Bug Null Pointer Exception When No Main Page
Bug Null Pointer Exception When Renaming Page
Bug Null Pointer Exception While Attaching File In Un
Bug Numeric Page Names
Bug Old Indentation Mechanism Of 2.2.x Does Not Work Anymore Semi Colon Colon Sequence
Bug Old Link To A Deleted Page Will Not Be Updated.
Bug Optimize File Util.copy Contents
Bug Others User S Login Name Should Not Be Allowed As Full Name
Bug Page Added To Search Queue Multiple Times
Bug Page Directory Not Found By Wiki Engine But Exists
Bug Page Feed Xml Link Of Page Not Working On
Bug Page Index Broken On This Site
Bug Page Info.jsp Error
Bug Page Level Auth Broken
Bug Page Lock Is Displayed While Page Is No Longer Being Edited
Bug Page Names With Numeric Prefixes
Bug Page Permission.has Access Redirect To Login.jsp Problem Endless Loop
Bug Page Permissions Changing Randomly
Bug Page Permissions Disregarded By Search
Bug Page Title Prefixing In Form Is Not Transparent To User
Bug Permissions In 2.2.33 Can Be Fixed Easily
Bug Permissions Lost When JSP Wiki Work Directory Is Specified
Bug Please Make Paperclip Pics Configurable Just Like Outlinks
Bug Plugin Tag Not Writing Output
Bug Plugins Called Multipul Times
Bug Plural Form Of Page Fails
Bug Preformatted Text Doesnt Work Any More
Bug Preformatted Text With Html Doesn T Work If Allow HTML True
Bug Problem With Including Commented Out Sections
Bug Problems With Accents When Creating Wiki Names
Bug Problems With Common Logging
Bug Problems With Deleting Of Pages As Admin
Bug Profile Page Is Blank When Adding A New User
Bug RDF Invalid
Bug RSS Feed Wrong DC
Bug RSS Has Invalid Dccreator Property
Bug RSS Image Link Only One Attribute
Bug RSS Not Generating Correct Links With Short URL Constructor
Bug RSS Sends Local Link Only
Bug RSS Stopped Working
Bug Random Bug After Several Days
Bug Reading Of Variable Not Working For Older Versions
Bug Recent Chagnes Plugin Table Cosmetic Problem
Bug Recent Changes Plugin Renders Incorrect HREF Attribute
Bug Reference Manager Causes Concurrent Modification Exception If Refmgr.ser Is Missing
Bug Reference Manager Does Not Find Singular References
Bug Reference Manager Does Not Notice Deleted Pages
Bug Reference To Deleted Page Not Cleared
Bug Reference To Renamed Page Not Cleared
Bug Referring Page Plugin Page Param Does Not Work
Bug Referring Pages Plugin Before With Wiki Markup Only Renderes The First Item
Bug Referring Pages Plugin Dont Write Noboby After Filtering
Bug Referring Pages Plugin Links Non Existing Pages
Bug Referring Pages Plugin Points To Non Existing Pages
Bug Remember Me Checkbox On Comment.jsp Has Invalid HTML
Bug Rename Does Double Encoding
Bug Rename Does Not Update Author Field
Bug Rename Fails To Update Reference Manager Data
Bug SETA_var And Table Of Contents Incompatability
Bug SET Command Doesnt Work
Bug SSL And IE No Cache Bug
Bug Search Always Throws NPE
Bug Search Cannot Find Terms With Underscores
Bug Search Doesn T Support Chinese
Bug Search Engine Throws An Exception
Bug Search Fails On Pages With UTF 8
Bug Search Fails On Pages With UTF 8 Cyrilic
Bug Search Highlight Doesnt Work Anymore
Bug Search Highlighting Doesnt Work For Non Latin Characters
Bug Search Kills Breadcrumbs
Bug Search Page Results Do Not Link Properly To Page With Spaces In Name
Bug Search Providers Should Not Catch Main Exceptions
Bug Search Results Incomplete
Bug Search Search Cannot Find Keywords From The Latest Changes
Bug Search The Jspwiki
Bug Security
Bug Separator Parameter Not Accepting Wiki Markup
Bug Serialization Error
Bug Servlet Load Failure Invalid Tld
Bug Servlet Named Attach Is Overloaded
Bug Session Invalid UTF 8 Char
Bug Sessions Plugin Shows Duplicate Entries
Bug Short URL Constructor Does Not Support Pages Which Represent In Chinese Words.
Bug Short URL Constructor Does Not Work With Relative Inter Wiki Links
Bug Short URL Constructor Mode Does Not Work
Bug Short View URL Constructor And Short URL Constructor Problems
Bug Simple Chinese Dsplay Bug
Bug Space In Attachment Names
Bug Spam Filter Not Returning Cause Of Rejection
Bug Stale Attachments
Bug Strange Page Name Logic
Bug String Id Is Expanded
Bug Strings Not I 18 nized In Default Template
Bug Style Double Percent Problem
Bug Superfluous Ul And Li Tags In The Table Of Contents
Bug Suspected Minor Bugs Involving Ampersand
Bug Switching Between Using And Not Using Base Url Breaks Links
Bug System Info Shows Html Elements
Bug Table Header Not XHMTL Compliant
Bug Table Of Contents Causes Heapdump
Bug Table Of Contents Doesn T Work With Page Not In Ascii
Bug Table Of Contents Loses Context
Bug Table Of Contents Wraps Headings In A Tag So Not Allowing Control Of Previous A In Heading
Bug Template JSP Not Found On V 2.4.30
Bug Text Area Box Ends Before Its Content Ends
Bug Text Util.parse Int Parameter Fails In Case Of Trailing Banks
Bug This Template Uses Wiki Content In An Unsupported Context Del
Bug Throws An Exception When Trying To Attach A File To A Page With A Fancy Name UTF 8
Bug Timing Error In Versioning File Provider.get Page Provider String
Bug Title Is Error If Title Is Chinese
Bug Tomcat JSP Compilation
Bug Too Many Open Files When Using RCS
Bug Tracking System
Bug Translator Reader Doesnt Allow Nested Plugins
Bug Typo In Edit Link
Bug URL Encoder Encodes Also For Images
Bug Unable To Add Profile To JSP Wiki Site
Bug Unable To Attach File To Page With UTF 8 Characters In Name
Bug Unable To Deploy In Bea Weblogic 8.1
Bug Unable To Do Custom Authentication Outside The Jspwiki.jar File
Bug Unable To See Main Page
Bug Uncorrect Default Value In
Bug Undefined Page References Do Not Display
Bug Undefined Pages Plugin Includes Links To Existing Attachments
Bug Undefined Pages Plugin Still Includes Links To Existing Attachments
Bug Underline Element On Links To Non Existing Pages Is Invalid XHTML 1.0 Strict
Bug Unhappy With JSP Wikis HTML Engine
Bug Unprotected Versions Editable
Bug Unused Pages Plugin Doesn T Work With Multiple Wiki Recipe
Bug Unused Pages Plugin Inlines Images
Bug Updated Default Template Editor Unusable Under IE 6/Windows(info)
Bug Upload Attachment Popup Stays Blank With Non Default Template
Bug Upload Of New Attachment Revision Doesnt Work Anymore
Bug Uploadupdate Attachments From IE 6.0 Browser Does Not Work
Bug User Check Tag Not Working As It Should When Authenticated By Container Tomcat 5.52
Bug User Preferences Can T Displayed Correctly With Chinese
Bug User Profile Class Not Found
Bug User Profile Error When Retrieving A Cookie With An Empty Username
Bug User Profile Not Getting Loaded At Login
Bug User Roles Reset After Server Restart 2
Bug Userdatabase.xml And Groupdatabase.xml Date Format Error Moving Between Windows And Linux
Bug Username Set To Unknown In The Last Changed And More Info...Views
Bug Users Prematurely Logged Out At Random
Bug Using Bug Submission Form Destroys Some Characters In Text
Bug Using Bug Submission Form Destroys Some Unicode Characters In Text
Bug Using SSL With Microsoft Internet Explorer V 6 Spoils Preview Function
Bug V 2.3.90 Some Javascript Bugfixes
Bug Variable Content Is Not Rendered
Bug Variable Not Assigned
Bug Version Author Changes
Bug Version Management Slows Over Time
Bug Warning Message Not Displayed In Case Multiple Users Edit The Same Wiki Page
Bug Way To Harsh Spam Filter
Bug Web Container Authorizer Fails Without Internet Connection
Bug Weblog Entry Plugin The Requested Resource JSP Wiki New Blog Entry.jsppage News Is Not Available.
Bug Weblog Plugin Does Not Consider ACL
Bug Wiki Base URL Broken When Context Root Is Not
Bug Wiki Context May Not Be Null Problem On First Login To Newly Started Tomcat
Bug Wiki Engine Accesses RDF Files Inconsistently
Bug Wiki Pages Not Being Indexed On Save
Bug Wiki Tag Base Version Problem
Bug Wiki Translate Tag Should Trim Leading Spaces Of First Sentence
Bug Wiki Wizard Table Right Click Fails After Java V 6 Update 1 Installed
Bug Wikiinclude And Wikicontent Only Look In The Default Template Dir.
Bug Wrong Page Stats For Pages With Blanks
Bug Wrong Recognition Of Wiki Words
Bug Wrong Version Of The Attachment Downloads
Bug XML User Database File Permissions
Bug XSS Vulnerability In Search.jsp
Bug Xhtml Complient Cssinclude.js
Bug Your Trail Continues Forever.
Bugwiki Plugin Doesnt Work
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