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package com.bluesunrise.jportal.modules.actions.portlets; // Turbine stuff import org.apache.turbine.util.Log; import org.apache.turbine.util.RunData; import org.apache.turbine.services.TurbineServices; // Velocity Stuff import org.apache.velocity.context.Context; // Jetspeed stuff import org.apache.jetspeed.portal.portlets.VelocityPortlet; import org.apache.jetspeed.webservices.finance.stockmarket.StockQuoteService; import org.apache.jetspeed.webservices.finance.stockmarket.StockQuote; import org.apache.jetspeed.util.PortletConfigState; import org.apache.jetspeed.util.StringUtils; /** * This action sets up the template context for retrieving stock quotes. * */ public class TutorialStockQuoteAction extends VelocityPortletAction { private static final String SYMBOLS = "symbols"; private static final String COLUMNS = "columns"; private static final String SORT = "sort"; private static final String QUOTES = "quotes"; private static final String[] ALL_COLUMNS = {"Symbol","Price","Change","Volume"}; private static final String SELECTED_COLUMNS = "selected-columns"; /** * Build the normal state content for this portlet. * * @param portlet The velocity-based portlet that is being built. * @param context The velocity context for this request. * @param rundata The turbine rundata context for this request. */ protected void buildNormalContext(VelocityPortlet portlet, Context context, RunData rundata) { try { // Get reference to stock quote web service StockQuoteService service = (StockQuoteService) TurbineServices.getInstance(). getService(StockQuoteService.SERVICE_NAME); // Retrieve portlet parameters String symbols = PortletConfigState.getParameter(portlet, rundata, SYMBOLS, "IBM,MSFT,ORCL,SUNW"); String columns = PortletConfigState.getParameter(portlet, rundata, COLUMNS, StringUtils.arrayToString(ALL_COLUMNS, ",")); String[] selectedColumnsArray = StringUtils.stringToArray(columns, ","); String sort = PortletConfigState.getParameter(portlet, rundata, SYMBOLS, "Symbol"); // Request stock quote(s) from the stock quote web service String[] symbolArray = StringUtils.stringToArray(symbols, ","); StockQuote[] quotes = service.fullQuotes(symbolArray); // Place appropriate objects in Velocity context context.put(QUOTES, quotes); context.put(SELECTED_COLUMNS, selectedColumnsArray); context.put(COLUMNS, columns); } catch (Exception e) { Log.error(e); } }

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