Let's think of a way to comment on pages.

I currently have on my hard drive something I designed for my WebLog facility. It basically works like this:

Edit.jsp recognizes a new HTTP parameter: "comment". If set to "true", it will present the user an empty page instead of the page contents, and anything the user types, it will add to the wiki page. The comment is separated via a horizontal line.

The editor also adds an "author" field, where you can type in your username, or if you already have one defined in UserPreferences, it will automatically put that in the field.

The WebLogPlugin is also enhanced to display only the portion of the entry above the horizontal line, so when you see the aggregation of the recent entries, you will not see the comments, but if you go to the actual entry WikiPage, it will show the comments separated by a horizontal line.

How does this sound?

-- JanneJalkanen, 28-Feb-2003.

I like it. I was thinking about using display: none; style to show or hide comments in the actual blog page, but I imagine that this would be doable with your proposal. I doubt wether comments should be in the same RCS page or in a different one. --SantiagoGala

Yes, that is what I have been wondering, too. For a weblog, it might work nicely, but for a wiki page, it would probably help if there was some nice way of appending a comment on it. My comment here, BTW, is an example on how the comment would appear with my current system.

-- JanneJalkanen, 01-Mar-2003.

I think of commenting as a special case of editing a page. (Everything you edit is a comment in a sense anyways). So comments should simply be appended to the same page. I think Janne's example above is just fine. Be careful about not breaking the wiki paradigm in order to support weblogs. (Maybe that's why SnipSnap isn't advertised as simply a Wiki) -- KenLiu
Take a look at http://www.weblabs.eu.com/JSPWiki/Wiki.jsp?page=SandBox

We've prototyped a mechanism called Notes, which lets you drop comments on a page. It's highly configurable, so you can make it into a blog, forum etc. just by setting the tag attributes.

I'll be glad to share the code with anyone interested. I've actualy set up a sourceforge space for it, but never got 'round to upload the sources.

- YishayMor


if you look at http://www.wikipedia.org, you'll find:

  • a discussion page for each wiki page
  • a comments field for each save

I particularly like the latter comment field that makes it easier to keep track of who did what in the history of each page. I wrote some articles for fr.wikipedia.org and really like the history with user names and their comment. The discussion page feature of wikipedia is more related to the current thread.

cheers, - gui

Actually, here's how the current implementation works (2.1.60+):

There's a new JSP page called "Comment.jsp", which figures out what the comment page of the wiki page is. At the moment it uses the same page, appending the comment to the end, except if the page is a weblog entry, in which case it will use a new page, basically changing "blogentry" to "comments".

I decided it's better to have a separate JSP page for the comment functionality (it still uses the EditTemplate, though) because of adding locking and permission checking issues made the Edit.jsp a horrible mess. It's easier this way :-).

-- JanneJalkanen

Can you give a short example of how to use it ? to be able to test and give feedback ? Thanks

-- OlivierVit

Should comments be incluced or not in a page: Why not make this configurable with a field into jspwiki.properties that controls? Then the site administrator could choose which model fits best for the application. -- H.O.P March 22, 2004

More CategoryIdeas.

Trying out the comment facility

--AnonymousCoward, 11-Jan-2006

I may be a coward, but everybody knows it.

--AnonymousCoward, 12-Jan-2006

Sounds like a good idea, what about sending comments with email messages?

--The Unnamed

How can I use database to store JSPWiki?

--AnonymousCoward, 23-Nov-2006

Check out JDBCProvider.

Two excellent examples of how "Discussion" can be setup on JSPWiki are:



I believe the Discussion tab take you to a differrent namespace called Talk.

This has many advantages:

  • Look a lot better since the wiki page content is kept seprate from the user comment/discussion
  • You don't have to print out the the user comment/discussion when you just want the wiki page
  • You can print out the user comment/discussion page by itself.
  • The page can be lock out but user can still add comment and disccusion since they are separate.

Perhap Christoph Sauer can enlight us on how this work :)

--AnoCow, 06-Jan-2008

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