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Let's think of a way to comment on pages.

I currently have on my hard drive something I designed for my WebLog facility. It basically works like this:

Edit.jsp recognizes a new HTTP parameter: "comment". If set to "true", it will present the user an empty page instead of the page contents, and anything the user types, it will add to the wiki page. The comment is separated via a horizontal line.

The editor also adds an "author" field, where you can type in your username, or if you already have one defined in UserPreferences, it will automatically put that in the field.

The WebLogPlugin is also enhanced to display only the portion of the entry above the horizontal line, so when you see the aggregation of the recent entries, you will not see the comments, but if you go to the actual entry WikiPage, it will show the comments separated by a horizontal line.

How does this sound?

-- JanneJalkanen, 28-Feb-2003.

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