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  • UnderlinePlugin : (looks like i'm alone here to underline my titles...) will obviously be a simple text formatting option (like bold...) with somethin like :
--underlined text--
which gives :
  • underlined text

  • ImportFromWord - ability to import content of a word doc and display it
  • WikiConvertorPlugin - This plugin should upload/convert any documents(html, sxc,doc) to wiki pages on the fly
  • CommentPlugin - Syntax like: [{Comment This is my comment}] Emits in html a small image with comment text as tooltip.
  • NewPagePlugin - Automate the use of template pages. Syntax like: [{NewPage template='BugReportTemplate'}] Emits HTML form with inputbox for new page name, and a submit button, copies the specified template page to user specified name, browser immeditely proceeds to edit of new page with template text in it.
  • RemindPlugin - Allow a running wiki email reminder notices to users.
  • ChatPlugin - Use some combination of javascript/html/applet on the client side to provide instant message or irc like "chat" capability. Have the wiki host it and capture all messages to a wiki page for archiving.
[{Image width=270 height=140 border=1 src='' }]
will show you the weather in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. See the site for details on how to get other formats and other locations. Hopfully this helps you out. If whoever asked for this wants to write up how they think it should work, I'll see what I can create. -- FosterSchucker
  • PopularPagesPlugin - The plugin would emit the list of pages in the Wiki, sorted by the number of hits on each page, in descending order (most hits first). Optional parameters would be: count - the number of pages to display (like, top 10, or top 100). If the count parameter is not specified, then all of the pages would be included in the list. Also, maybe, creationDate - the parameter would allow us to filter the pages displayed by their creation date. Like maybe we want the most popular pages created in the last month. If the option is omitted, then all pages are considered. Prerequisite: of course, the wiki would first have to know how many hits each page receives, and it looks like that is on the TODO List. See the Stuff that would be cool to implement section. Note that there is a MostPopularPlugin available as part of the CeryleWikiPlugins. -- MurrayAltheim
    • The Hit Count Plugin creates a page listing hit counts for pages on which the plugin is inserted. This list is ordered alphabetically, but the code could be modified to list descending by number of hits.
  • ImageXPlugin - This plugin allows server side resizing of images.
  • Export Content - Exports the wiki page content including formating to .doc .swx .pdf files
  • JDBC Plugin - This plug-in returns the query result from a database.
I wrote a Judoscript plugin to allow the insertion of Judoscript scripts into a wiki page. Judoscript supports JDBC calls and allow you to process the data. This may be a good workaround for you. A JDBC plugin would be complex in order to support all the options. There are other scripting plugins available that may also work. -- Foster Schucker
Question for Foster Schucker, is there any place this plugin can be downloaded from? I cant find it anywhere on your site.
  • Workflow Plugin - This plugin allows for the development of XPDL compliant documents, and displays the corresponding graph as you update the page. The concept is to provide a simple way for anyone to develop a workflow, and have it portable to UML through XPDL. The graph will be placed at the top of the page with image mapping links to other Wiki workflow pages. This concept is based on Grappa and Graphviz, with the integration of the mapping and charting JSPWiki plugins. -- Will Rubel
  • UML Plugin - I have seen another Java-based Wiki engine (SnipSnap) that takes a simply formatted text block and creates a UML graphic (See SnipSnap UML Example). It is licenced under the GPL, so the code may be able to be integrated into a JSPWiki plugin fairly quickly. All the references to UML I can find in the JSPWiki datastore is about other information, tools, or tutorials for UML development.

-- See UMLGraphPlugin. It uses SnipGraph as the drawing engine.

  • Single Page Plugin - I have used wiki for collaborative document writing. But it's hard to print anything out of it. If there was a plugin which would take all the pages in a wiki (with some way of defining order, e.g. the order they are linked in LeftMenu) and combine them to a single HTML page, it would be easy to print.
    • What about using the InsertPagePlugin? You could create a page that simply inserts the various sections you'd like to tie together in one document. This would require you assemble the final document components yourself with insert calls, but I'd think you'd want this control anyways. -- Joseph Hobbs Nov 4th, 2008
  • WikiTrailsPlugin - I've been quite happy with a feature on PMWiki called WikiTrails that enables an author to define a sequence of pages as a "trail" by pointing to a list on a page. This list is used by the engine to create some previous-index-next links, allowing easy navigation through the pages.
  • BibleReferencePlugin - A Plugin that renders a biblical passage based on reference values passed in
  • Wiki Manager - A Plugin that allows management of multiple Wiki's. Easily starting/creating a new Wiki. Manage users. See crossreferences between Wiki's. Warn users when deleting a wiki that is referenced by another Wiki, etc.
  • PDFIndexerPlugin - It would be so useful to have a plugin to index PDF attachments.
  • TreeViewPlugin - A i3G plugin for easy creation of table-based TreeViews. Still some problem with cookies in the IE, but works fine out of the box in FF. Future changes:
    • Support for inner Plugins like InsertPage
    • Support for IE (when i find out why it breaks - any help appreciated)
    • Support for suffix images for general purposes
    • etc.
  • WikiMap An i3G Plugin that shows the structure of a wiki, with all its pages and references between them, in a touchgraph, using an applet. It should help finding hotspots in a wiki and showing the development of a wiki.
  • ContentFIlterPlugin - A plugin that selectively filters content based on security rules. An example could be to hide certain menu items for users that are not logged in.
  • FlashWikiMap An i3G Plugin that shows the structure of a wiki, with all its pages and references between them, in a touchgraph, using flash. It should help finding hotspots in a wiki and showing the development of a wiki.

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