If you create something nifty and cool, then by all means, add it to this page (or some of the other pages dealing with contributed materials).

Other good places to check for things:

* ContributedTemplate
* ContributedPlugins
* ContributedFilters
* ContributedProviders
* ContributedPages
* ContributedLocalizations

When loading contributed code from attachments on jspwiki.org, be aware that you are taking a risk. This is a public site, and a malicious outsider ''could'' inject unsafe code into the contributions. Definitely check the code for anything malicious before you put it into use, and be suspicious of updated attachments. (If you notice anything odd, please email abuse at jspwiki.org.)

* [CalendarTag-PrevNextPatch]
* [HideMenu]
* [LatexConverter] and a JSPWiki grammar
* [PreviewPageSaveButton]
* [PrintMediaCasecadeStyleSheetPatch]
* [RenamePagePatch]
* [StampFilter]
* [JDBCAuthentication]
* [AutoBackEditPatch]
* [RememberMePatch]
* [LuceneForSearch]
* [NTAuthentication]
* [Java2HTMLFilter]
* [TextContentVerifier]
* [LDAPAuthentication]
* [SortingTablesByIPAddress]
* [VersionedDeleteAndRename]
* [ExcelTableToJSPWikiTableMacro]
* [SimpleJSPWiki | http://doc.jspwiki.org/2.4/wiki/Simple%20JSPWiki]