If you have written a JSPWiki [Page Filter|PageFilters] which you would like to share with the rest of the world, feel free to upload one here, or just put in a link to your own website, or create a new page within this Wiki. I'd recommend putting a short description here, then making a new WikiPage, and attaching your code there. Discussion about the [Page Filter|PageFilters] implementation belongs to the individual filter page.

Warning - when loading any contributed (non-CVS) code, be very aware that you are loading from an untrusted source. Check the code before using it.

See the PageFilterConfiguration page for general information on installing a ~PageFilter.

For other kinds of contributions, please check [ContributedCode]


!List of Contributed Filters

Here is a list of contributed plugins, sorted by name: 

;[ACLFilter]:only allows users with AllPermission to add/edit ACLs.
;[Column Filter|ColumnFilterPlugin]:Creates multiple columns of items, alphabetized.
;[Creole Page Filter]: Allows using [Creole markup|http://www.wikicreole.org] and JSPWiki markup in combination.
;[Edit Link Filter]:A filter that makes missing links pure CSS, eliminating the '?'.
;[Emoticons Filter]:Changes ':)' into a graphical smiley.
;[Esperanto Filter]:Converts Esperanto text from x-system to unicode like Mediawiki
;[Exploded Table Filter]:A filter that enables a column-wise expanded table syntax. The new syntax makes table editing much easier.
;[Initial Letter Filter]: Displays initial letters by the use of gif's.
;[Java 2 HTML Filter]:Styles Java code placed in code braces.
;[Permitted Page Filter]: Returns an error message if the requested page is not part of a list of permitted pages.
;[Radeox Filter]: Allows to use [Radeox|http://radeox.org/space/start]
;[Spread Sheet Filter]: Allows calculations in wiki tables similar to Twiki
;[Stamp Filter]:Inserts a name and timestamp on page save.
;[Strikethrough Filter]: Allows to strike through text with a red line.