As of 2.5.0, JSPWiki supports localization.  While the 2.5 series is a development series, the aim is to maturize this for 2.6.

Some people are however already supporting localizations for the 2.5 series.  Use these at your own risk.

!Instructions on how to make your own localization

The easiest way is to check out the source code, and run the following commands:

% ant i18n-create-template

which will ask for which language you want to create a template (e.g "es_ES"), and then it will create a directory structure for you under "i18n_templates".  Translate everything you find, and then run
% ant i18n-jar-template

Which will then create the JAR file for you.

* TODO: Explain about native2ascii
* TODO: Check if we can support XMLResourceBundle in a compatible way

!Available localizations

* German - built-in (Maintained by FlorianHoleczek)
* Finnish - built-in (Maintained by JanneJalkanen)
* Spanish (es_ES) - built-in (Maintained by JuanPabloSantos)
* Traditional Chinese (zh_TW)(for 2.6.4) - [jspwiki_2.6.4_lang_pack_zh_TW.jar] converetd and modified from the build-in zh_CN resource files. -- [Geoffrey]
* [Locales_zhTW|zh_TW.jar] - Traditional Chinese; just download this file, and put it right on your ''WEB-INF/libs'' folder. --[HongJieDai]
* [Locales_cs CZ] - Czech language
* [Locales_fr] - french - ''new for 2.8''! Just download the [jar file|ContributedLocalizations/JSPWiki_fr.jar] and put it right on your {{WEB-INF/libs}} folder. --[OlivierDescout]
* [Locales_pl] - polish

!Mantaining up-to-date your translation with latest cvs
Check & adapt (default package under tests folder), it's a nifty utility which will point your missing 18n strings.\\


Hi guys, zh-tw.jar has a small error might makes it can't be displayed correctly, please rename the folder entry in jar zh_TW.jar!\com\ecyrd\jspwik\plugins to zh_TW.jar!\com\ecyrd\jspwik\plugin .

I'll build a Simplified Chinese language pack based on this zh-TW one soon.

--[Jacky Liu], 09-Jan-2007


[zh_CN.jar] Just simple for Simplified Chinese language.

--Jacky Liu, 26-Jan-2007