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As of 2.5.0, JSPWiki supports localization. While the 2.5 series is a development series, the aim is to maturize this for 2.6.

Some people are however already supporting localizations for the 2.5 series. Use these at your own risk.

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JSPWiki_fr.jar 16.7 kB 1 03-Nov-2008 15:38 Olivier Descout translation for v2.8
jspwiki_2.6.4_lang_pack_zh_TW.... 13.8 kB 1 23-Sep-2008 23:07 Geoffrey
zh_CN.jar 6.8 kB 1 26-Jan-2007 10:12 Jacky Liu
zh_TW.jar 6.8 kB 1 28-Nov-2006 13:29 HongJieDai
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