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If you have written a JSPWikiPlugin which you would like to share with the rest of the world, feel free to upload one here, or just put in a link to your own website, or create a new page within this Wiki. I'd recommend putting a short description here, then making a new WikiPage, and attaching your code there. Discussion about the WikiPlugin implementation belongs to Plugin Development.

Warning - when loading any contributed (non-CVS) code, be very aware that you are loading from an untrusted source. Check the code before using it.

For more information on how to write your own plugin, please see WritingPlugins. Especially I would like to suggest reading JSPWikiCodingStandard, so that all plugins would follow a consistent standard (I tried to stress this out within WritingPlugins -- TomZ).

For other kinds of contributions, please check ContributedCode

Questions and Tips#

Tip: If you don't want to write [{org.mypackage.myname.myplugin.Plugin}] every time you use it, you can add the following line in the

jspwiki.plugin.searchPath = org.mypackage.myname.myplugin
after which you can easily use [{Plugin}] instead of the more complicated format above.

Question: Can I have more than one package? Like:

jspwiki.plugin.searchPath = org.mypackage.myname.mypluginA, org.mypackage.myname.mypluginB

Answer: Yes. The search order will then be left-to-right, with the jspwiki default path as the last one on the list (so you can override jspwiki plugins).

List of Contributed Plugins#

Here is a list of contributed plugins, sorted by name:


This plugin allows you to render flash attachments in a wiki page. I wrote this since wiki is a very good tool to write tutorials and flash is an excellent media to combine screen shots or even session captures with audio commentary. This plugin makes all this readily available from the comfort of the wiki. Arnaud Lacour, May 11 2007

AlsForum Plugin#

Ok, just one day after the one above I finished my version of a forum. Simple, Scrolling, Threading, CSS Formatted. Try! -- Al

Applet Plugin#

A plugin for running Java Applets in your wiki pages.

Bugzilla Plugin#

A plugin integrate with the Bugzilla Bugtracking system.

Calendar Plugin#

A calendar printer and summary generator system.

CalendarListPlugin #

Provides a view into a schedule of events in list or calendar form. Displays the most recent and upcoming events from a larger list of events.


Handles a category page. See CategoryAndArchiveExtensions and also WikiArchivePlugin.


This plugin using the jEdit('s syntax engine to parse source code and rederered it to HTML output, it supports up to 130 different syntaxts as much as the jEdit supports.

Color Code Plugin#

A simple, configurable plugin to render arbitary source code texts (e.g., SQL, xml, shell-scripts) in color. Does not attempt to format/beautify the original.
Includes SQL, C/C++, Java and Velocity configuration examples.

Comment Plugin#

Outputs an icon with the alt text set to the comment. If you mouse over the icon, you see the comment.

Current Time Date Plugin#

A different current time/date plugin with control for timezones and simple formatting.

CVS View Plugin#

Inserts a resource from a CVS repository into the page, optionally formatting it via the Color Code Plugin


A plugin to display daily comics.


A tiny plugin displaying the difference in days/hours/minutes/seconds from the current time to given date.


Allows you to denounce a link so that it is not visible to search engines. Included in 2.2.


An image viewer slide show plugin.


A work in progress.


Sends an email once a day listing all wiki pages which were modified during the previous 24 hours to a list of subscribers.


Provides a HTML view of the the specified Excel Spread Sheet


Another HTML view for Excel Spread Sheet files


This plugin allows you to insert the content of an other web page into a JSPWiki page. Doing this the Plugin is able to rewrite parts of the content of that page. It's also able to rewrite the links on the included pages so that pressing one of the included links results in including that page again.


Displays an icon image in the page representing the file type of the specified file.

FIT - Testing Plugin#

yes, this is a plugin for "Fit: Framework for Integrated Test" look at there website: -- ElRey, 23.Feb.2006

Format Code Plugin#

Loads a local file and displays all lines as {{text}} . Nice to see source code and have Wiki-Words for them.

Wouldn't this plugin allow anyone to use it to view any file on the system, even sensitive files? --MichaelGentry
Yes, that's true. Use it only in local installations. --MaxVoelkel

Fortune Cookie Plugin#

Includes a single line from a Wiki page.


That's right! The forum plugin has been completely re-done, it's now easier to install, more fully featured, and doesn't require changing core JSPWiki code to make it work. --JoshM


Mindmap visualization using the FreeMind browser. -- NascifAbousalhNeto


A set of plugins meant for go-players.


A plugin for embedding Google Maps into a page.


A plugin that permits Groovy scripting on the wiki page.


A starter plugin for developing your own JSPWiki plugin, provides optional Asserted user authentication, parameter handling, and simple XHTML output.

HitCount Plugin#

Simple plugin to generate and display hitcount statistics for a page.

HitCounter Plugin#

Database-based alternative to the HitCount Plugin with the ability to count either visitors or hits on a Wiki page.

HitCounter Plugin II#

Database-based alternative to the other hit counters that stores the results in a database and is fully configurable through parameters stored in the

HTTPHeader Plugin#

Allows you to place header information for a page, for example no-cache for those dynamic pages


This plugin allows hypergraph applet ( to run in jspwiki.


Allows you to embed attachments, external urls, files (relative to the docbase), into your wiki page.


A family of plugins that create images (to represent charts, diagrams, etc.) from a textual representation using external libraries. The current version supports JFreeChart, SnipGraph and SEQUENCE.-- NascifAbousalhNeto


Use image maps in an easy wiki way on your pages. Enter the coordinates directly in the wiki page plugin code or use a html based wizard for creating new map links. -- SebastianBaltes


A fork of the ImageMapPlugin that adds support for customizable tooltips. -- NascifAbousalhNeto

ImageRow Plugin#

Like the Image Plugin, but renders a horizontal row of images properly.


Not a plugin but a tag to allow hierarchial Wikis. This tag will take the content of leftmenu variable from the page and use that as the name of the LeftMenu instead of the default LeftMenu.txt. Will default to LeftMenu.txt if the variable has not been set.


The insert attachment plugin allows you to insert the contents an attachment into a page. Similar to the InsertPagePlugin.


The insert page plugin allows you to insert the contents of one page into another. Included in 2.2.


The insert version plugin allows you to insert version links based on a certain criteria. --DF

Iterator Plugin#

A simple plugin which allows you to repeat the plugin body, making text replacements for each iteration.


Plugin formating Java source code into syntax highlighted HTML. Source code can be included in the wiki page or referenced from an url.


Composed by a JdbcAuthenticator for authenticate users against a DB table, a plugin to list users in a page, reset their passwords and authorize them in the wiki, and a registration page to let users register themself in the wiki with a username and a password. For 2.2.x.


Displays issues and projects from Jira (Issue Tracking system).


This plugin allows you to execute JavaScript code on the server. Useful for creating pages with dynamic content.


Not a plugin exactly!!! It's a web app which runs without wiki and allows users to mapping a tree sturcture and easily edit it.


This plugin brings the power of Kanaputs language into JSPWiki. Basically Kanaputs is a way to do java coding without compilation (it intensively uses java introspection). You can execute stuff like 'a = 1+2+4+7+14; b = Math.sqrt(a);' in your wiki page.


The Latex Plugin uses LaTeX to create PDF files out of Wiki content. It is useful for articles, reports, books or just to print Wiki content.


LazyGallery is an image gallery/slide show plugin, useful for presentations.


This plugin gives a way to pass structured variables among pages.
In a clone of XML syntax, you can put values into variables and use them in other pages.

Link Plugin#

This simple plugin inserts a targeted link into a page.


This provides an index of inbound or outbound links on one, several, or all wiki pages. On outbound links broken links (i.e., links to nonexistent pages) are highlighted.


Not a plugin exactly!!! ITs a servlet which runs with wiki and allows users to search for a page or modify a page through mails.


Plugin for displaying mathematical formulas in Latex syntax in a similar way like it is possible in Wikipedia. Everything happens in Java - one does not need Latex or other non-java binaries.


Basic mathematical plugin allowing simple operations + - * /


An embedded player in your wiki page. Now support both Windows Mediaplayer and QuickTime Player, Tested on IE 6, Firefox 1.0 and Safari 2.0 browser.


Java applet for creating mind-maps in wiki-pages. Not a server-plugin, but a client-side applet which communicates with the JSPWiki server. Requires installation of the AppletPlugin.


This Plugin is yet another plugin to run applets from JspWiki. I hope it is simpler than the others.


The namespace plugin breaks a wiki pagename into namespace links. --DF


The namespace index plugin is an extension of the IndexPlugin showing an index of wikipages sharing the same prefix --DF

ObfusticateMailto Plugin#

A simple plugin to allow you to include mailto: email links that cannot be easily harvested by web crawlers.

OSMPlugin #

this plugin provide to put OpenStreetMap on the page, like GoogleMapsPlugin.

Outline Plugin#

This plugin generates outlines using Roman numeral/letter/number formatting from ordered-list-format text.


A simple page view count plugin. Save the count informations in the $basedir/PageCount.txt


This plugin generates hyperlinks within wiki pages (as they are created) that will map the natural directory structure of an existing (and updateable) photo collection. It allows you to annotate the folders and individual images, so that your collection effectively becomes part of your wiki.


A very simple plugin to creates a page containing a table of all the specified pictures in the attachments.


Inserts a picture, taken from the first image-attachment of a specified page, or directly given as an attachment. The picture is auto-sizeable, will automatically be titled (by the name of the page to which it is an attachment), and clicking on the picture links to its page.


This is technically not a plugin, but I'm listing it here none the less. Check this out if you'd like to get your pages as PDF.

Programming Examples and Basic Features#

The link refers to a short list of (very simple) plugins which are foreseen to serve as plugin programming examples and to extend JSPWiki with some basic (yet important) features.


A very simple plugin based on the Image plugin that shows a graphical progress bar, reflecting a given percentage number. Useful for project management wiki pages. -- NascifAbousalhNeto


A simple plugin to fetch a pop3 account and insert the content into the wiki system.


QuickJavaDocPlugin could produce JavaDoc on the fly based on the current given Java source code, use this will max the usage of Javadoc tags. I use QDox( ) as our tag and source parser. by Jacky Liu Jan 30 2007


The QueryPlugin treats the pages and references between them like a database. You can query the pages using a simple syntax (AND, OR, NOT, ...). The matching pages are returned sorted alphabetically in a bulleted list.

Quotation Plugin#

With this plugin you can put a random quotation from predefinied list.

A Plugin that randomly links to a Wiki Entry, just like Wikipedia can do
ElRey, 03.Mrz.06


Inspired by RandomPages on MeatballWiki, provides a random length list of randomly-generated wiki pages that updates on a random period. Very Random.


Allows you to create redirections between pages or to other URLs.


Finds and lists all pages that are referred to by the current page. (twin sister of ReferringPagesPlugin)
The depth parameter allows to display a recursive tree of referred pages.


Lists all pages that refer to undefined pages. An undefined page is a page that is referred by a page, but not yet created. The information is useful when you feel like doing a clean-up on undefined pages. This plugin is related to UndefinedPagesPlugin.


Allows you to read in a RSS/RDF/XML file and show it on your wiki page. Has a bunch of configuration settings to choose from.


include feeds contents in your wiki page. support various feed formats (RSS0.9x,RSS1.0,RSS2.0,Atom,OPML), feeds caching, usage of css style.


The S5 plugin provides an easy way to turn a single wiki-page in to a fully functional powerpoint slide show, running from your browser. It is based on the excellent Simple Standards-based Slide Show System, aka S5, by Eric A. Meyer. -- DF, Mar 2006, compatible with v2.3.x of JSPWiki


Allows you to include SiteMeter on your website to see who's visiting your site.


Creates a page containing references to all the images in a folder. Great for posting images from your digital camera.


This plugin uses SVG and Batik to render SVG to jpeg-images.


This plugin inserts Subversion commit log messages into a JSPWiki page.


This plugin implements additional table support for JSPWiki pages, such as: multi-line table editing to ease the entry of more complex tables, additional syntax to merge cells horizontally and/or vertically. (aka colspan and rowspan) , auto-numbering to automatically insert the row-number, CSS style for odd/even rows.


This is actually a package of three new plugins related to user tagging: the TagPlugin (setting tags), HasTagOfPlugin (querying tags), and TagCloudPlugin (displaying all tags in a tag cloud). Distribution information and documentation can be found on the CeryleWiki. -- MurrayAltheim, 11-Aug-2007


A family of plugins to create and manipulate wiki pages customized for specific tasks (hence the name). It supports queries based in page "metadata" that are more flexible then the current schema supported link references.


This plugin allows you to execute Tcl code on the server. Useful for creating pages with dynamic content.


This plugin allows to make parts of a page conditional to the existence of a page or variable or on the content of a page or variable. Could be useful for dynamic favorites (LeftMenu) pages or header and footer sections from a wiki-page instead of (current) hardwired jsp templates. --DF APril 2006


This plugin shows text as gif image to hide it from spam spiders.


A simple text-file includer, to insert "fancy html" or reference plain text files in a JSPWiki page.


The Ticker Plugin is a simple plugin that will display the current price of a stock on a page.


The TimelyGreetingPlugin is a simple plugin that will display a greeting based on the current time of day (either on the server or a provided timezone).


Helps manage lists of things, such as todo items. Very crude - works.


Lets you create links with tooltips. Based upon ImageMapPlus plugin.


Modified/enhanced form of InsertPagePlugin, allows you to include a section of a page, has a default style, allows inclusion of pages via InterWikiLinks.

TwinFeats Plugins#

Includes everything on the TwinFeats customized JSPWiki: WeblogCalendarPlugin, WeblogUsersPlugin, WikiParmPlugin, WikiDbPageProvider, WikiDbReference, etc. that provide a much faster java object database for wiki page storage.


This JSPWiki Visio plugin allows you to have inline expansion of Microsoft Visio drawings in your wiki pages. It uses the Visio 2003 viewer control of Microsoft. One of the nice things besides viewing the visio drawing is that you can add hyperlinks to shapes inside a drawing which are also clickable in your browser. -- DF Oct 04


Modified CalendarPlugin that allows a user to view blog entries for a selected day.


Enhanced of WeblogPlugin,allows you to include the all weblog entries of the given categories in a page.


A variation on the RecentChangesPlugin meant to be used in an information box on the main page.


Archives are categories with additional features. For example, an archive may be able to export itself in some specific data format or display itself in some special form. See CategoryAndArchiveExtensions, and also CategoryPlugin.

WikiForms Plugin#

Allows you to build HTML forms on WikiPages and handle submission with another plugin.


WikiProject is a very simple way of showing project progress in a wiki page.


WikiSQL provides a simple way to query a db and display a grid of results.


Allows you to scribble on Wiki pages.

WorkFlow Plugin#

Create dynamic graphs within your Wiki using GraphViz.


A (very) simple XSLT transformation plugin. Can be used to take XML to HTML, inserting it directly into a Wiki page.


This plugin can used to visualized host availability.


This plugin intended for convenient display SNMP values from nodes.


This plugin intended for convenient display LDAP records grabbed from server.

WikiContentToHTML Plugin#

This is not really a plugin; is more like a simple tool to help export a specific page to clean HTML.

Dear Sir, We have developed a new plugin that will show latest interior designs on your blog/website.

The new designs will definitely interest your users and bring repeat traffic to your blog. Please check it out at

That site is a junk link to some furniture store


--Gunjan, 16-Sep-2011 12:32

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