If you have written a nice PageProvider for JSPWiki, please make a page for it, and link to it from this page. See WritingPageProviders for writing a PageProvider.

The AntCvsFileProvider interfaces with a CVS repository using the Ant build tool.
The ClearCaseFileProvider uses ClearCase's command line interface (cleartool) to manage the Wiki pages inside a VOB. Currently the provider only works with ClearCase 5.0.
Fedora Provider
Uses the digital object repository Fedora to keep pages and attachments. Automatic generation of a PDF version of every page and automatic collection of metadata.
JDBC Providers
Uses the JDBC standard interface for integrating with different sorts of relational databases. -- Note: works great with current (2.2.33) version, now it is also possible to combine basic provider for attachments with jdbc for pages and page revisions.
P4FileProvider (wanted?)
The P4FileProvider interfaces with P4(Perforce) repository using a java P4Package. Where is this provider?
The SubversionProvider keeps your page directory in sync with a Subversion repository.
Migrator Providers
Copies pages and/or attachments from one provider to second provider, so you can migrate from using the first provider to the second.
Memory Page Provider
simplest memory-based provider may be used for testing
With this provider you have the opportunity to use more then one pagedirectory

See also WantedProviders.

For other kinds of contributed items, please check: ContributedCode.

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