If you have written a nice PageProvider for JSPWiki, please make a page for it, and link to it from this page. See [WritingPageProviders] for writing a PageProvider.

;AntCvsFileProvider: The AntCvsFileProvider interfaces with a [CVS] repository using the [Ant] build tool.

;ClearCaseFileProvider: The [ClearCaseFileProvider] uses ClearCase's command line interface (cleartool) to manage the Wiki pages inside a VOB.  Currently the provider only works with ClearCase 5.0.

;[Fedora Provider]: Uses the digital object repository [Fedora|http://www.fedora-commons.org] to keep pages and attachments. Automatic generation of a PDF version of every page and automatic collection of metadata.

;[JDBC Providers]: Uses the [JDBC] standard interface for integrating with different sorts of relational databases. -- Note: works great with current (2.2.33) version, now it is also possible to combine basic provider for attachments with jdbc for pages and page revisions.

;P4FileProvider (wanted?): The [P4FileProvider] interfaces with [P4(Perforce)|http://www.perforce.com] repository using a java [P4Package]. __''Where is this provider?''__

;[SubversionProvider]: The [SubversionProvider] keeps your page directory in sync with a [Subversion] repository.

;[Migrator Providers]: Copies pages and/or attachments from one provider to second provider, so you can migrate from using the first provider to the second.

;[Memory Page Provider]: simplest memory-based provider may be used for testing

;[MultiVersionFileProvider]: With this provider you have the opportunity to use more then one pagedirectory


See also [WantedProviders].

For other kinds of contributed items, please check: [ContributedCode].