From v2.6.0, JSPWiki supports skins, which allow you to change the look&feel of your pages without touching the template jsp pages. See JSPWikiSkinDesign and JSPWiki Stylesheet Design.

The stock distribution ships with 4 templates: plain-vanilla (2 widths), smart and ordered-list. This page can be used to share other skins developed by other JSPWiki users.

The contributed skins might be dependant on a specific version of JSPWiki, as they rely on the default jspwiki stylesheet. Skin stylesheets are written as a delta against the default jspwiki.css stylesheet.

If you have a specific desire for a skin, then please add your request to Wanted Skins. Discussion about skins in general should (logically) take place at Skins Discussion.

If you create a skin that you want to contribute, list it here and create a separate page for it. If you would, please provide a screenshot screenshot-xxx.png and a downloadable package

More info at JSPWikiSkinDesign

Contributed skins.#


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