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[JSPWiki]  2.0 has a templating system.  The stock distribution uses the template you see right now, the [Default Template1].  Some kind JSPWiki users have contributed their own templates for your use.

These contributed templates might be dependent on a specific version of JSPWiki, mostly they should be 2.x.x version neutral, but 2.0.x to 2.1.x has some differences that might break some of these.  
If you have a specific desire for a template, then please add your request to [Wanted Templates].  Discussion about templates in general should (logically) take place at [Template Discussion]. See also a brief description on [HowToCreateANewTemplate].

If you create a template that you want to contribute, list it here and create a separate page for it.  If you would, please provide a screenshot {{screenshot-xxx.png}} and a downloadable package {{jspwiki-template-xxx.zip}}.

From v2.6.x, JSPWiki supports ''skins'', which allow you to change the look & feel of your pages without touching the template jsp pages. More info at 
[JSPWikiSkinDesign] and [ContributedSkins]


!!Templates in English

JSPWiki is actively evolving and some templates no longer work with the current version. The templates provided so far have therefore been split into current ones, sorted descending by date of last update, and template known or likely to be outdated. ''Anyone finding an error please correct it!''

Each template should state a "last updated:" date, "works with:" (list of JSPWiki version tested successfully) "Fails with:" (list of JSPWiki version tested unsuccessfully). Authorship and a short description may be added, perhaps using descriptive keywords such as: "CSS-only" (i.e. only the CSS but no JSP pages have been modified), "~LeftMenu/No ~LeftMenu/Optional ~LeftMenu". (Please extend keyword list).

!Current templates (for JSPWiki 2.4.*)
* [Pic/new.png] __[VistaTemplate]__ by [JackyLiu]. \\
  Last update 25-Nov-2006: works on v-2.4.71.\\

* [Pic/new.png] __[BrushedTemplate]__ by [DF|DirkFrederickx]. \\
  Last update 15-Oct-2006: works on v-2.4.62.\\
  Rich layout and awesome javascript functionality.\\
  This version is AJAX driven, for cool direct search functionality; adds CLONE functionality and an AJAX driven
  Category style. 
  \\Validated on OSX (safari; firefox) WIN(firefox; ie6); tomcat; weblogic
  \\From JSPWiki v2.6.x, major parts of this template (and more) have been included as the default template. Further development has been stopped.
  --[DF|DirkFrederickx], 20 July 2008   

* [Pic/new.png] __[RETemplate]__ by [JB|JurijBernhardt]. \\
  Last update 11-Dec-2006: works on v-2.4.53.\\

!Current templates (for JSPWiki 2.3.*)

* A new __OliveBranchTemplate__ that runs in 2.3.100, by MurrayAltheim. Though it hasn't been extensively tested it seems to perform the basics without any difficulties. Uses LeftMenu, tested with Firefox. I'd like some help, as there's work to do with jspwiki_ie.css to make it work with IE. Right now, yuck (no surprise).
** Tested with Firefox on Macbook. Working fine with 2.6.2 but no AJAX support means that I am going back to default. (Manu Anand, 20080611)

* An updated version of the [MediaWikiTemplate] is available.  I have not tested it with 2.3.*, but I currently use it on the 2.4.0 release beta.  I'm assuming that it should work with the 2.3.* published code, since I used all tag libraries published with this version.

!Templates (for JSPWiki 2.2)

* __[Green Template|GreenTemplate] __ v0.3 by [RiccardoGovoni] . Modifies both css and jsp. Now supports __themepacks__ for skinning the template. Works with JSPWiki 2.2.33 . Uses LeftMenu . Tested with IE , Firefox, Opera. Last update: 04-Mar-2006
* __[Button Menu2 Template|ButtonMenu2Template]__ by [Baldeep Hira|BaldeepHira]. \\
  Last update: 05-Feb-2006: works on JSPWiki version 2.3.72-alpha.  This is an updated version of the original [ButtonMenu template|ButtonMenuTemplate]. Feature rich template, CSS, xhtml, skins, LeftMenu displayed as buttons, consistent placement of page actions, clear separation of page level and application level actions.
* __[SmallpieceTemplate2]__ by AlessandroMelandri. \\
  Last update: 02-Gia-2006: works on 2.2.33
  Clean and lightweight css-based template. This is a new version of the SmallpieceTemplate which development has stopped because the source code went lost.
** Released v. 0.7.2: Now the template __validates as XHTML 1.0 transitional__.
** Released v. 0.7: Added a __javascript toolbar__ with shortcuts to the most used formatting tags.
* __[ConfigurableTemplate]__ by Gregor Hagedorn. Last update 2005-09-07, works with 2.2.28. Places little effort on nice CSS styling, but offers a rich array of functionality not available in the default template. May be used with or without LeftMenu, and left menu in a 2- or 3-part (= header across left menu and content) split. Improved editor, support for IPR/License management, better help pages. __Could be platform for collaboration among template authors to create a better JSPWiki default template!__
* __[MediaWikiTemplate]__ by [Martin Unger]. Updated by [Todd Nine|ToddNine] Last update 2006-05-12, works with JSPWiki 2.2.
*  __[MinimalTemplate]__ by [Lutz Tietze|LutzTietze]. Last update 2006-01-21, works with JSPWiki 2.2. Similar to [Default Template|DefaultTemplate], table layout replaced by CSS, English/German version, tested with Firefox, Konqueror, IE 6.
* [Red Man Template] by [Matt Raible]. Last update 18 Aug 2005, works with 2.2.28 (as seen on [Matt Raible's wiki|http://raibledesigns.com/wiki/Wiki.jsp]). LeftMenu. Variant: [What Wiki Wants Template]
* [BlackBeanTemplate] by [MurrayAltheim]. No LeftMenu, CSS-only. Last update 23-Jun-2005, works with JSPWiki version 2.2. CSS Derived from CleanTemplate. Version 0.1 "may still be bugs".
* [Mustard Template] by [Rob Williams]. Last update 22-Jun-2005, works with __unknown__. LeftMenu.
* [MRG-Remix|ContributedTemplatesMrg] (see bottom of MRG page). Last update 10-Oct-2005, Works with 2.2.16 beta. Derived from the original [MRG|ContributedTemplatesMrg] which seems no longer under development.
* [Top Menu 2 Template] by [KieronWilkinson]. Last update 09-May-2005, works with JSPWiki version 2.2.13. No LeftMenu, "quick, and dirty in places".
* [Pow2Template] by Luca Fossato, Last update 22-Mar-2005, works with JSPWiki v2.1.144-alpha. LeftMenu.
* [Hardcore Templates] http://www.hardcore-webmaster.com/ akiver Hardcore Webmaster Blog mit Template Vorstellungen
* [term paper|http://www.essaymill.com]

!Old templates (not known to work with 2.2, development mostly stopped in 2004)

These have not been updated for a significant time, probably do not work with current 2.2/2.3 JSPWiki versions, and development seems to have stopped. ''Reviewers or template authors: Please correct my errors! I am not able to test each template and in most cases am just guessing!''

* [SmallpieceTemplate] by AlessandroMelandri. The development of this template has stopped. please check SmallpieceTemplate2 instead -- AlessandroMelandri
* [MRG Template] by [MichaelGentry]. Last update __unknown?__, works with JSPWiki 2.0.36, 2.0.39, 2.0.45, 2.1.89. Fails with 2.2.28 (manual fix explained). Rich template, now in version 5, LeftMenu. Variants:
** [MRG-Remix|ContributedTemplatesMrg]. Last update 09-Jun-2005, Works with JSPWiki 2.2.16 beta; this is already listed under "current templates" above.
** [Modern Template] by [Anil]. Last update 2004-03-05, works with 2.0.52. An enhanced version of the MRG template, LeftMenu. 
* [Clean Template] by [Andrew Jaquith], last update 18-Apr-2004, based on 2.1.93-CVS.
** [What Wiki Wants Template] by __unknown__. Last update 2004-03-05, works with __unknown__. CSS-only variant or Red Man Template, LeftMenu.
* [Button Menu Template| ButtonMenuTemplate] by [Baldeep Hira|BaldeepHira]. Last update 06-Jun-2004, works with JSPWiki 2.0.52. Feature rich template, CSS, xhtml, skins, LeftMenu displayed as buttons. An updated version of this template is now available [Button Menu2 Template|ButtonMenu2Template] which works with JSPWiki v2.3.72-alpha.
** [OldBookTemplate] by [SebastianBaltes], Last update 23-Jan-2005, JSPWiki version __unknown__. Nased on the [ButtonMenuTemplate], enhanced by an [Initial Letter Filter]. License: Use requires setting a link.

•Steel Template by RG. Last update 2004-03-09, works with (based on) 2.1.86alpha. 
•nexBTemplate by PhilippeO, Lionel Roy, and BMT. Last update 2004-04-19, works with 2.1.86-alpha (info from example sites). A CSS-only template for corporate web sites (variants for edit/read-only available). download available!. LeftMenu. 
•I18N Template by Olaf K. Last update 05-Mar-2004, works with unknown version. Internationalized/Localized versions, reported to be difficult to use with current JSPWiki versions because of its internationalization library I18N. 
•Templates in German by MarcAndreDumont. Last update 15-Mar-2003, works with unknown JSPWiki version (? 2.0?). 
•TableFreeTemplate by MikeMorris. Last update 06-Dec-2004, works with unknown JSPWiki version, LeftMenu. Author himself recommends using NexBTemplate or CleanTemplate instead. 
•Top Menu Template by BaldeepHira (??, upload by JohnVolkar!). Last update 05-Mar-2004, works with unknown JSPWiki version. No LeftMenu, "quick & dirty implementation". Compare TopMenu2Template for newer version. 
•D Wiki Template by DeBaser. Last update 05-Mar-2004, works with unknown JSPWiki version. No LeftMenu, tries to improve xhtml rendering (which ultimately requires updates in engine that only occurred in JSPWiki 2.3 and later). 


Non-English Templates (German, Chinese) (not refactored into list above)#
•LightDe by Kristian Rink, German version 
•MinimalTemplate by Lutz Tietze, English/German version. 
•BrushedTemplate in German by Heinz-Josef Lücking 
•Skywalker in Chinese by Geoffrey 
•Star Template in Chinese (简体中文) by Dengber, a CSS-only template; you can edit the menu item just like ordinary wiki-pages. 
•BeanSoft's Template in Chinese (简体中文) by Jacky Liu, a CSS-only template. for JSPWiki 2.4.71, JSPWiki 2.5.20. Updated at Jan 30 2007. 
•For translations of basic wiki-pages see Samplepages. 




Typo-Bug: ConfigurableTemplate-2.2.2-beta (.zip)
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