I've been using JSPWiki since Jan-2003... and have been very impressed with it... yet find that there are things I'm dying/interested to change...! :-)

Ideas/work I'm thinking about...#

  1. Improve search speed (it feels really slow right now...)
    1. Keep an in-memory cache of the text of pages... cause page-edit to update this cache (works if you don't have many pages... fails on large systems) -- [update: I am using RCSFileProvider... and things are way slow... just impl'd
Mahlen's Lucene hack and things are much better if the keyword I'm looking for is only on a few pages... if it's on a lot of pages, I'm dead (slow) again]
        1. JSPWiki already does this, but occasionally the cache gets emptied, and the next search is slow. After one search, the rest will be very fast until the cache is emptied again.
    1. Keep a keyword-list per file... in the filesystem; update this per edit; keep a hash of keyword/file relationships in memory always... first-level search gets you to candidate files, then scores are created per file.
  1. Develop/Document JSPWiki's lexical syntax... comprehensively
    1. Include unambiguous, robust, natural means of escaping "special" characters
  2. Rework lexer
  3. Work on table grammar
  4. Provide "styles" support...? Color? How can this be done in a light-weight way (ack: I want to put a hard \n here but doing so will "exit" my bullet-item...) without burdening the wiki language?
    1. Already in 2.1.
  5. WYSIWYG editor
  6. Select template suite/colors/global-style via UserPreferences
  7. Mode to allow display all "elements" of a page newer than some personal (UserPreferences?) date. This would be especially useful when browsing "long" pages... to see what (specifically) is new on the page.

Comments are welcome below: I reserve the right to summarize the best and clean up these "discussions" from time to time... while trying to cite people appropriately for their ideas.#

Sorry for stepping into you ;-), but I suggested in other page YAML as a rigorous specification for similar markups to wiki. Interesting read. --Santiago Gala
Santiago: Thanks for the reference; I've now printed out a copy and started to look into it... quite a bit of stuff here... I wish it were more widely supported before jumping on this bandwagon... --Craig
Craig, you might also want to have a look at IdeasTranslatorReaderEvolution. I currently only have a JavaCC-grammar reflecting the current syntax (slightly enhanced for lists), but it could nevertheless save you a bit of work. -- Torsten
Torsten: Thanks; JavaCC is the way I was thinking of going as well; I'm really impressed with that package... but I also want to emphasize documentation; I've set up a jspwiki with a bunch of colleagues and they're continually complaining to me that they have a tough time figuring out the best way to do simple things like \\foo\bar without having to click "preview" a bunch of times - essentially, they're saying that the (nonesistent) escape mechanism is counterintuitive (they're used to C) and they're confused when sometimes an inline \n makes a difference and sometimes it doesn't... -- Craig

I've been thinking that maybe I prefer re-Structured Text as a possible wiki markup. --JohnV

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