The Dwiki template tries to get as close to XHTML as possible... It's a start, but for real XHTML the WikiTranslator has to be changed (empty lines cause non-wellformed <p>-tags, as it seems to me right now). This template offers the whole width of the screen to the page content, having all Wiki stuff within the header and footer. There, the only two tables (unnested) are used to ease alignment (left, right). No visual markup, no graphics, just CSS. Isn't it? So is there anything else to say? Yeah! It's still alpha (-:




Comments appreciated --DeBaser (2002-02-11)

The InfoContent.jsp page does contain wiki:permission permission="delete" which is not available and therefore this page fails with an error. I just removed anything that uses of this permssion tag delete and, voila, it works great. -- Andy (2004/03/25)

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