My name is Xan Gregg, and you can contact me at daggerbox (at) (blog). I'm enjoying getting JSPWiki to work with mysql on Mac OS X. I'm using:

  • JSPWiki 2.2.28
  • Tomcat 4.1.24
  • MySQL 4.0.15
Mac installs for both MySQL and Tomcat came from

I've also brought my local JSPWiki on Linux, with MySQL 3.22. The only hiccup was that the Mac file system is not case-sensitive, which also applied to the MySQL table names. Otherwise, it was just a matter of copying all the files and databases.

Had a dream last night -- I went to the JSP Wiki site and the left menu was gone and header just said "JSPWiki 4". What does it mean? A glimpse of the future?

Contributed Code#

Idea pages are a little confusing, so...

My JspWiki Wish List#

  • Documentation -- I think rename and delete are in the latest versions, but I haven't figured out how to access those features, yet.

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