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My name is Xan Gregg, and you can contact me at daggerbox (at) (blog). I'm enjoying getting JSPWiki to work with mysql on Mac OS X 10.3. I'm using:

  • JSPWiki 2.2.28
  • Tomcat 4.1.24
  • MySQL 4.0.15
Had problems getting Tomcat 4 plugged into the Apache 1.3 that comes with the OS, so I use tomcat directly (port 8080). Mac installs for both MySQL and Tomcat came from

I've also brought my local JSPWiki on Linux, with MySQL 3.22. The only hiccup was that the Mac file system is not case-sensitive, which also applied to the MySQL table names. Otherwise, it was just a matter of copying all the files and databases.

Had a dream last night -- I went to the JSP Wiki site and the left menu was gone and header just said "JSPWiki 4". What does it mean? A glimpse of the future?

Contributed Code#

Ideas pages are a little confusing, so...

My JspWiki Wish List#

  • Rename a page -- sometimes I choose a bad name.
  • "Ring" plugin and naming convention that is similar to Category. The presense of [{Ring name=Flower}]] would establish a category and would expand into HTML that would produce forward and backwards arrows around the ring name. Something equivalent to:
    [{Image href='Pic/back.png' link='Iris'}] [RingFlower] [{Image href='Pic/forward.png' link='Rose'}]
    Clicking on the ring name would act like a category name now, bringing up a list of the ring's members. Clicking on an arrow would move the another page in the ring. I think implementing this would be helped by suggested changed to ReferenceManager so it could track generated references.
    • There's currently a problem with ReferenceManager not talking to plugins, otherwise a good idea.
  • Comments field on the edit page that would be shown in any list of file changes.
    • Not likely to happen until we get our metadata framework properly done.

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