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I'm enjoying (mostly) getting JSPWiki to work with mysql on Mac OS X 10.3. I updated the DatabaseProviderPatch to fix a couple of bugs, and things are working OK now. I'm using:

  • JSPWiki 2.0.52
  • Tomcat 4.1.24
  • MySQL 4.0.15
Had problems getting Tomcat 4 plugged into the Apache 1.3 that comes with the OS, so I use tomcat directly (port 8080). Mac installs for both MySQL and Tomcat came from

Ideas pages are a little confusing, so...

My JspWiki Wish List#

  • [{Image}]] Plugin to support wiki links in the link field. Then I could easily have an image attachment that is a thumbnail link to another image attachment that is full size.
    • Will happen shortly, I hate the current behaviour as well. --JanneJalkanen
  • Rename a page -- sometimes I choose a bad name.
  • "Ring" plugin and naming convention that is similar to Category. The presense of [{Ring name=Flower}]] would establish a category and would expand into HTML that would produce forward and backwards arrows around the ring name. Something equivalent to: [{Image href='Pic/back.png' link='Iris'}] [RingFlower] [{Image href='Pic/forward.png' link='Rose'}] Clicking on the ring name would act like a category name now, bringing up a list of the ring's members. Clicking on an arrow would move the another page in the ring. I think implementing this would be helped by suggested changed to ReferenceManager so it could track generated references.
    • There's currently a problem with ReferenceManager not talking to plugins, otherwise a good idea.
  • "Stamp" or "Me" plugin that would generate a signature to append to some edits. [{Me}]] would generate <i>--My Name yyyy-mm-dd</i>
    • Quite doable with 2.2 PageFilters.
      • Quite right. I just contributed StampFilter. A plugin wouldn't work anyway since the substitution has to take place on save, not on presentation. Thanks for the tip.
  • Comments field on the edit page that would be shown in any list of file changes.
    • Not likely to happen until we get our metadata framework properly done.
  • Faster search.
    • The search is fast, it's just that sometimes CachingProvider empties the page cache and it has to load everything again... :-)
  • Inclusion of DatabaseProviderPatch in a future release. I have verified that it works with JSPWiki v2.1.87-cvs.
  • Some time to work on these...
    • Can't help you there, sorry.

Thanks for the comments, Janne.

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