This plugin can be considered either a replacement of or and alternative to the stock RecentChangesPlugin.

Key Differences#

The diff link compares across all versions that were created on the day. e.g. Instead of just diffing back one version, if 5 edits occured on the day the diff is across all 5.

The names of all of the authors of edits for the day are output in a comma separated list. e.g. If those 5 edits were done by three people, all 3 names are output.

If a page was changed on each of the last 3 days, the standard RecentChangesPlugin only shows it on today; This plugin would show the page on each of the 3 days.

That's it really, the format and since parameters serve the same purpose.


The order in which the pages are listed on a given day is quirky due to how it's implemented. They are not alphabetical, nor are they strictly in reverse chronological order. Stare hard enough and see if you can guess the (acidental) ordering logic.

Availble in the McKessonApsWikiPlugins.

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