Daily Comic Plugin#

A plugin that show daily comic from some urls.

It accept four parameters:

  1. delim : optional, used to seperate the strings that don't need be converted into Date Format, e.g. !
  2. urlPattern : core parameter, give the url pattern for the daily comic. Use delim to seperate the strings needn't be converted by Date Format. e.g. !http://images.ucomics.com/comics/ga/!yyyy!/ga!yyMMdd!.gif! The strings used as Date, see the Java API doc about SimpleDateFormat.
  3. altName : optional, as the alt name of the comic, when the comic isn't available.
  4. timeZone : optional, used to get the right comic

for examples:

[{org.simon.jspwiki.plugin.DailyComicPlugin delim='!' 
altName='Garfield' timeZone='America/Los_Angeles'}]

To see the result, visit http://blogsite.3322.org:8080/jspwiki/Wiki.jsp?page=SimonLei. It's a jspwiki in Chinese.


I tried to insert this plugin, but I just got an external class not the image itself. Is further step required? I am using the brushed metal plugin.
You need to compile the DailyComicPlugin.java into a Java class file. Then copy that file to your <wiki>/WEB-INF/classes directory. --DaveWolf

How can I install this plugin and where is the class or jar file ???

This page was under so much spam load, I made it edit-authenticated only.

-- JanneJalkanen, 25-Jun-06

I've uploaded a DailyComicPlugin.jar file with the following changes:
  • Instead of just creating a link, it puts the (linked) image in-line.
  • If there is not a comic for that day, it finds the most recent and displays it (up to 10 days back).
The jar contains both the .java & .class files. To install, simply add the .jar file to your Wiki's WEB-INF/lib directory.

-- DaveWolf

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