Since many of the comments on this page have been both derogatory and anonymous, if you don't have something productive to say that you're not willing to even sign your real name to, please refrain. It no longer adds anything to the conversation, as anonymous criticism carries no weight, i.e., if you're not even willing to include your name nobody has any reason to believe your experience is legitimate or your opinion has any merit. This goes likewise for anonymous edits that remove other people's comments.

In noting that the negative comments about Daily Razor have been removed anonymously, at this point I am led to believe this may have been done by Daily Razor staff. Given that this is occcuring I also urge you to read this page's past revisions to judge for yourself.

I have not myself been happy with their service and have been given a runaround by their staff in trying to cancel. They have played games with the cancellation and repeatedly asked me for reasons why, then an additional confirmation, and then several times information that they already have (such as invoice numbers, credit card numbers, ticket numbers, etc.). Very frustrating and dishonest behaviour. We're now up to about a dozen messages and I still have no refund.

I cannot recommend this company.

-- MurrayAltheim

Hi I host with and find them very good for the low rate charged. However, for about 6 weeks I have not been able to reach the home page. Control panel works fine and I have no complaints but am mystified. Anyone has any information please? olking

DailyRazor's customer service is superb. They are one of the best in the industry when it comes to informative and helpful staff. But their infrastructure is poor. I host my non-mission critical apps there but I will NOT host a mission critical app. One time they had a server hosting my domain down for days and they could not bring it up or relocate. their SQL server drops records mysteriously. Bad news for e-commerce or any real world application.

DailyRazor is an excellent hosting service for training and non-critical apps, but not for more than that.

--Bob Rawanski, 06-Sep-2007

I've been with DailyRazor for about a year for a java hosting plan and two years for domain management.

Besides the fact that I closed the hosting more than a year ago and transferred the domains last fall, I Still (!) receive due payment notifications, letters from support about money they want from me for already canceled services and now I've got a letter that my debt will be transferred to a collection company.

In fact, I fulfilled all the formal procedures to close these services and had a lot of emails with support to make the things right.

They even extorted money from me for unknown bills while I transferred domain to another registrar - it took me a week to make their support understand that I don't have to pay no more.

No help - still they want money.

After using as a hosting service for 1 year, I tried to cancel their service. I was told that I needed to pay them for an additional year before they would cancel my service. Since I have a moral problem with paying a company so they will cancel my service, I will not pay them anything. Now I receive daily "reminders" that I owe them money "for services rendered", even though my account has been closed and deleted. They also threaten to turn everything over to a collections company.

After several attempts to ask to stop sending harassing emails they told me that they will not cease until I pay them the money they are trying to extort from me.

_I do not recommend anyone to ever use The low price is not worth the headaches you will experience later on._

May 26, 2008

Buyer Beware.

The Daily Razor makes it impossible for you to cancel. Even though I requested a cancellation, they charged my credit card automatically. I had to dispute the charge with my credit card and CHANGE THE NUMBER! I did not feel comfortable with them knowing my information.


DailyRazor is an awesome company. Been with them for over 4 years now and never had a problem and will definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an exceptional host at an affordable cost.

Fraudulent charges in the amount of $804.19 were charged to my debit card from DailyRazor. I DO NOT have an account with DailyRazor and had NEVER heard of them until the Fraud Department of my bank notified me. The bank told me to contact them and have the charges reversed. I've called DailyRazor a million times and never get anybody but a man with an accent who says he is in Maryland. When I asked him for the local number, he had to look it up. No matter which extension I call at DailyRazor or which department I select, I always get him if anybody. He said I obviously gave my card to friends and shouldn't call them a 1000 times. This mystery man tells me I must send them an email disbuting the charges but they can't trace the charges because I do not have an account with them! I am so frustrated with DailyRazor and question if this is a real company. My bank is advising me to make a police report.

--Armanda, 23-Aug-2011 21:05

Shortly after posting on this site, I received a call from the president of He says they are reversing the fraudulent charges and the correction should post to my bank account by this Friday or next week. I am grateful to receive a call and hope the money is replaced as soon as possible.

--Armanda, 23-Aug-2011 22:57

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