Thanks JSPWiki

We have over 500 pages now and two wiki servers on top of WLS. It screams and is very fast.
We are even using LDAP authentication. But turned attachments off, that started getting very ugly very quickly as an IT nightmare.

We are using the JSPWiki to manage our collaboration among a very large (over 200 people) engineering development group. So far people love it. Our group is currently battling with why our wiki is better over other groups at our company. We are competing with a moin moin wiki server right now.

We did extensive review of it and picked it because it was extensible. The text markup and available plugins in MoinMoin (pikipiki) are somewhat more rich, but people here wanted Java based. It also runs on our company's app server incidentally. 

I played around with Raible designs template. Really happy with that. We added two columns to it and a top menu bar. Let me know if anyone wants the template, and I will take out the proprietary stuff.

I am looking for a wish list which includes the following items:

#Table of Contents
#more advanced formatting, people are writing all their specs in this, would be great to see more features here around making more like the moinmoin formating.
#more history, like if you want to write about what you changed actually, might be interesting, rather than just the diff.


;JohnV: Nice to hear it, I will be providing an initial implementation of both the TableOfContentsPlugin and the AggregatePlugin "real soon now", like probably late next week.  Depending on what sort of formatting features you want; Note that you can define CSS styles in your template and use them in a wikipage like %%stylenamehere Your text%%, we found this to be very useful in general.  Finally, I'm not sure what you mean regardsing the "history" remark.  Care to elaborate?