I'm newly excited about wikis, and am running a jspwiki install for collaborative development of a project I'm organising.

I also am keen on JSPWiki, because I see it as a nice starting point for a Knowledge Management tool I've been dreaming about for a while. I'd like to see a few new plugins to

  • do queries, to treat pages sort of like database records (thanks to JohnV, these are on their way!: QueryPlugin, AggregatePlugin), and
  • to have named links (ie. to create a semantic network).

By "semantic network", I mean that rather than just nodes and edges (wikipages and links), the edges should be named. A link just indicates that two things are related; but a named link indicates the relationship between them.

Thanks for the wikipedia link. See the discussion on LinkType for a flavor of this.
Cool! That is exactly what I was talking about!

Without the names, humans can usually guess the relationship between the two entities by the textual context. But with the names, suddenly you can define some really powerful queries. This comes back to WikiAsDatabase, which is something I think will change the world! (At least my world. :-)


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(BTW, how do I remove this annoying attachment? It was only supposed to be a test...)

This is a test comment, just to see how commenting works.

--Dan Howard, 09-Dec-2005

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