This patch contains:

  • Modifications to to specify a database connection
  • Two ddl files to create tables in a database
  • A new java class DatabaseProvider

I took FileSystemProvider and hacked it up enough that it probably can be considered a completely new program ;-)

I've also included the sources for the two ddl files and the java source as separate attachments if anyone wants to see them without digging through the patch.


  • Currently only tested with MySQL database. It probably won't work with Oracle, DB2, or Postgresql (yet).
  • No changes were made to store attachments in the database. (see JDBC Providers for that)
  • You must supply your own jdbc driver.

I took the liberty of updating the source file with three fixes. Tested with 2.0.52 and 2.1.87.
  • Add SearchResultImpl as a local class to DatabaseProvider to remove above compile error.
  • Use getTimestamp instead of getDate so that modification dates have full precision (otherwise the time part is 00:00:00).
  • Automatically reconnect to the server if the connection goes bad (eg, timeout or lost network connection)



Who tested this plugin and success... any hacks for "oracle" or "db2" too?

Thanks for AnswerMe!

--MartinU, 11-May-2007

Can someone document MORE the page actually cant understand whats the objetive of this and if i need to downloadit

--AnonymousCoward, 01-Oct-2007

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