This page contains a short overview for developers who want to install and debug JSPWiki on Apache Tomcat using the Eclipse IDE. Some shell and batch scripts are included, too.


At first, I (Florian Holeczek) tried to check out JSPWiki from the Subversion repository and then convert it to a Dynamic Web Project. After spending some hours on this I recognized, that the Web Tools Project isn't flexible enough when it comes to adapting other directory structures than the predefined ones.

Janne Jalkanen kindly provided the shell script he's using himself. I've translated it almost completely to a Windows batch script and added some functionality for choosing debugging options.

Please note that both scripts aren't highly sophisticated, they just (hopefully) do what they're expected to ;-) You'll have to tweak them yourself to suit your environment.


UNIX/OSX shell script(info) by JanneJalkanen

batch script(info) by FlorianHoleczek

Configuring Eclipse and debugging#

Here's a short howto on Eclipse 3.3.

  1. In the program menu, select 'Run'..'Open Debug Dialog'. Go to the section called 'Remote Java Application' and click on the 'New launch configuration' button.
  2. Give it a name, standard settings are ok (This may vary in your case, of course!). Important are 'Connection Type'='Standard (Socket Attach)' and 'Connection Properties'=localhost,8000.
  3. From now on, you can debug JSPWiki by:
    1. Setting your breakpoints
    2. Starting the script (see inside for details)
    3. Attaching to Tomcat via the previously created debug settings

Discussion and improvements#

As noted, these scripts just do what they should. Feel free to discuss and/or provide improvements.

--FlorianHoleczek, 09-Apr-2008

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